Jared Name Meaning and Origin

Choosing a name for your boy is a tough task, especially with so many trendy names floating around and the compulsion of parents to choose a trendy yet timeless name. While it can be confusing, knowing more about its meaning, origin, and cultural variations can help you decide on a name faster. So, if you consider the name Jared, here is all there is to know about it. After carefully considering the meaning, origin, cultural variations, and names that mean and sound similar to Jared, you can choose the name most suitable for your little prince.


What Does Jared Mean?

A Biblical name, the meaning of Jared can be understood as “He descends.” The name goes way back; it was mentioned in the Old Testament as the descendant of Adam. As per its Hebrew origins, the name Jared comes from the word Yared which means “Descent.” However, the name has also been associated to mean other terms, such as “ruling,” “commanding,” and even “Rose,” as odd as that may sound. Furthermore, as per its English origin, the meaning of Jared can also be understood to be “Strong.”


While the name has been known to have English origins, the most commonly known origin of the name Jared is Hebrew, which is pretty obvious considering that it was mentioned in the old Testament. In the Bible, Jared descended from the first human Adam and then became the father of Enoch when he was 162 years old. He then continued to survive for another 800 years, making him one of the most remarkable human descendants mentioned in the Bible.





  • Ja-red
  • Jae-red


2 Syllables


5 Letters

Name Variations/Spellings

Many Jared name variations give insight into how different cultures translate and speel the name differently. These other spellings for Jared can also become great alternative names for you to choose from, considering they sound similar and even hold the same meaning:


Name Origin
Jarrod Hebrew
Ja’red Hebrew
Jahred Hebrew
Jarod English
Jarrett Hebrew/English/French
Jarret English
Jaired Hebrew
Jerred Hebrew
Jarrott English
Garrett English

How Popular Is the Name Jared?

The number of births registered in a name per year indicates how popular the name is. And in the case of the US, data from the Social Security Administration can help us understand the exact Jared popularity ranking over the years. As per the data, Jared had been an extremely popular name in the late 90s, starting the millennium with a ranking of the 56th most popular boy name. However, due to dwindling popularity over time, the latest Jared baby name ranking recorded in 2020 was at a massive 368. Concerning this, it can be stated that the name has reduced in popularity. However, it can also be said that the name has stayed popular over decades and centuries. While the current ranking is slightly on the higher side, it is surely bound to make a comeback and claim its spot as one of the most famous names.


Interest in Jared – Worldwide

Interest in the name Jared has been considerably less over the last ten years worldwide. While most of the years across these ten months recorded less than 50 in terms of popularity score, the name scored 100 in March 2014. On the contrary, the lowest popularity score was recorded in October 2021, with a mere score of 19.


Interest in Jared – US

Interest trends in the US are pretty similar to the trends observed globally. In the case of the US, the popularity score over the decade has stayed within the range of 25 and 50 for a majority of the last ten years. The highest score of 100 was achieved in August 2015, while the lowest of 25 was recorded in May 2020.


The popularity of the name Jared


Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search trends of Jared – Worldwide


As per global search trends for the name, Jared has had the most searches from the US over the last decade. This is followed by Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Puerto Rico, which are the top 5 countries. From this list, it seems obvious that the name is the most popular in English-speaking countries.


Search trends of Jared – US

In the case of the sub-regions within the US, Colorado tops the list by having generated the most searches among all the 51 sub-regions over the last decade. Following Colorado, Utah, Maine, the District of Columbia, and New Hampshire complete the top 5 list.


Middle Names That Go With Jared

Choosing double names with the first name is difficult since the middle name needs to be as meaningful and beautiful as the first to make the full name sound grand and beautiful. In the case of Jared, the following list of suitable middle names can be immensely helpful:


Elijah Ezekiel
Eli Isaiah
Isaias Zane
Ryan James
John Christopher
Calvin Hugh
Theo Louis
Levi Otis
Archie Arthur
Cooper Flynn

Famous People Named Jared

Famous people called Jared have immensely helped make the name popular over the years, most probably for its popularity in the 80s and 90s and keeping it somewhat relevant currently. In this regard, the following celebrities can be attributed to the same through their fandom and great popularity:


Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Jared Joseph Leto American Actor
Jared Tristan Padalecki American Actor
(Jared) Drake Bell American Actor and Singer
Jared Francisco Borgetti (Echavarri­a) Mexican Football Player
Jared Scott Gilmore American Actor
Jared Sullinger American Basketball Player
Jared Scot Allen American Football Player
Jared Francis Harris English Actor
Jared Christopher Martin American Actor
Jared Nathan American Actor

Similar Names & Last Names

Other names for Jared that keep the name consistent can become great alternatives for when you wish to keep the meaning but take different forms. These kinds of baby names like Jared are thus perfect for parents looking for other options. If you have suitable family names for Jared or one of its such alternatives, then the list below can be immensely helpful to you:


Similar Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Javea Paske
Jep Marriner
Jerad LeBeouf
Jereimah Tamsett
Jeremiah Tedd
Jerrid Pasley
Jeshaiah Langley
Johrdan Scottson
Joleif/Joleiv Sanson
Jolyon Martin

Names That Sound Like Jared

Similar sounding names that keep the phonetic aspect of the name alive are also great alternatives, especially if you like how the name sounds. So, if you are looking for names that rhyme with Jared, the following list of similar-sounding names can be great for you to refer to in your naming journey:

Jed Garret
Jeremy Jareth
Jerald Jarett
Gerald Jarret
Jerad Jarryd
Jaryd Jaron
Ward Zachary

Sibling Names Related to Jared

Choosing sibling names that go with Jared should be done as carefully as you chose the name Jared itself. In this regard, the following brother names for Jared and sister names for Jared can help you determine which names will be a perfect fit with Jared:

Sister Names for Jared Brother Names for Jared
Zoey Gale
Hazel Gabe
Audrey Sebastian
Olivia Timothy
Aubrey Elliott
Harper Ashton
Zoella Shawn
Camila Ansel
Janelle Elton
Edith David

Nicknames for Jared

Nicknames are a great way to call your children and loved ones with fond names that reflect your affection. In this regard, choosing nicknames that are the perfect combination of affectionate, wacky, sweet, and memorable is important. Here are some ideas for nicknames you can call Jared with:

JarJar Jarry
Jerry Reddy
Reddo Jarro
Jardy Jare Bear
J-Rod Jay
Jarey Jare
Jer JayJay
JerJer Jay Bae

Names form a crucial part of our identity and personality, and it is only obvious that parents would want to settle upon one after deep contemplation and evaluation. So, if you are thinking of naming your son Jared, then carefully go through this detailed information about the name and only settle upon it once you are completely satisfied.



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