Colour Psychology of Spending Money

It’s Not You, It’s The Colour! Shades that Empty Your Wallet Faster

Modern marketing strategy has gone way beyond conventional means of playing to a target audience with catchy TV jingles. Colours that make people buy things are what’s hot in retail marketing. Find out if you’re an impulse shopper or a budget-conscious one.

You may attribute your shopping urges to a brief impulse. But no, it’s a clever strategy of sellers placing the right colours in a shop window to attract buyers. The next time you feel the need to buy something when passing by a store window, ask yourself if it’s the colours that attract you or the merchandise.

Understanding Colour Psychology for Spending

When you find yourself staring helplessly at a product in a shop window, be it a nightgown or a pair of sandals, it’s actually the colour playing to your senses. It’s a fact in marketing circles that the psychology of spending money can depend heavily on attractive colours. It’s also been proven that certain colours create impulses within your brain to extract an affinity for that colour. In layman’s terms, colours reflect your personality, which proves why you may find black simply irresistible or love a cute pink!

What’s your colour addiction?

So what exactly are the colours that make people buy things? What is your colour addiction? Would it be a scarlet red or a vibrant blue? Would a flashy red halter neck gown displayed on a mannequin attract you into purchasing it? If yes, then you’re an impulse shopper.

1. Intense colours

According to analysis of categorising shoppers based on colour patterns, intense hues like red, royal blue and yellow have great potential to influence the impulsive shopper. The next time you feel tempted to get a pretty blue cocktail dress or a sunny yellow summer dress, remind yourself to look away!

Intense colours

2. Black

Black is associated with sophistication, hence the term ‘little black dress’ and it’s a well known fact that if stores put LBDs up for sale, they usually sell pretty well. But unless you actually need a new dress, stop yourself from entering a store.

3. Pink

Though pink is considered a sweet colour and there are many women who prefer a pink dress or cute pink lingerie over other colours, it isn’t exactly a hue that attracts an impulsive shopper. Women who like pink are more budget-conscious and don’t splurge easily.

4. Green

If you’re an environmentally conscious woman, you could be drawn to the colour green as it reflects nature. A green vase or a pair of green shoes could catch your eye easily. But keep in mind that just because something’s green, it doesn’t mean it’s eco-friendly!

5. White

The colour white symbolises purity and honesty. No wonder spending on a white product makes you feel good! But despite your justification for splurging on a white garment, remember that you don’t have to buy it unless you really need it.

Marketers understand colours that make people buy things, which is why storefronts display products in certain colours. But now that you’re wise, you can beat them at their own game! And if you just can’t help yourself from reaching for something and your hubby frowns at a high credit card bill, tell him it’s all about colour and you just couldn’t help it!

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