how to control eating too much

It Is Now Possible to Eat Less, Really!

Looking for smarter ways to stop eating too much? With these right tricks up your sleeve, look forward to cutting back on your eats and calories alike. Yes, when you get fewer chances to salivate you can walk out of groceries and eateries without packing in too much!

Face it. You’re attracted to food and have strong impulses that make you gorge on everything that comes your way. Sweet or savoury, there’s barely any stopping you. Although, good food can put a smile in your tummy, copious amounts of it can ruin your health. Starting today, eat less with these proven hacks that’ll go a long way in helping you strike a happy balance between food and health.

How to Control Eating Too Much

1. Sugarless Gum During Grocery Visits

According to research based studies; chewing gum while moving along the aisles of grocery stores makes you gravitate towards healthier things, rather than packed food, junk and other avoidable edibles. The reason is simple. Buying foodstuff on a hungry tummy makes you binge on wrong, but visually appealing food items. Chewing sugarless gum also kills your hunger pangs, thereby curbing your junk cravings!

2. Stock Up on The Healthier Options First

In general; buffet-table diners are known to take huge helpings of the food items they see first. So, one of the best ways to stop eating so much relates to cutting back on sides and heavier meats and focusing your attention on the ‘good-eats’ only. When surveying the spread at your office canteen, party, or local cafeteria, remember to pile on healthier salads, whole grains or veggies–before reaching out for anything else.

3. Go The Cash Payment Way

Most junk food eaters or those with a sweet tooth, are prone to buying and eating more when paying with plastic. Ranking high on the tips to eat less buying your meals in cash will help you cut back on less-healthy foods such as chocolates, chips, cookies, and so forth, while grabbing the healthier fare happily.

4. No More Cooking Shows

Stop watching foodies gorge upon good stuff on TV, give master chef shows a miss, and stack all enticing cook books away. It’s confirmed that even people on strict diets end up eating a lot more while watching food shows than otherwise. Ok! We might be exaggerating, but ONLY a wee bit.

5. Choose The Smallest Serving Plates and Bowls

The overall size of your serving utensils or bowls give off signals about how much food you’re supposed to consume. Well, as bigger dishes translate to bigger helpings in most cases, it’s best to steer clear of the same. Pick plates that are mid-sized so your portions are restrained.

Last but certainly not the least, do know when to hit the “stop” button and soon enough you’ll learn how to eat less food. Gluttony will never yield good results and will make you suffer from digestive and various other health related problems in the long run. Eating too much will leave you depressed and wanting for more. So, adopt the JCB (Just Cut Back) approach during your meal times, even if you are being force fed, and look forward to meeting a fitter you!

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