Is Coffee Good Or Bad for You?

Is Coffee Good or Bad For You? Let’s Put an End To This Debate Forever!

Is it good? Is it bad? I mean, it’s time to put this coffee debate because it’s messing with some real emotions here! For those who can’t do mornings with a nice hot cuppa, you know what we mean, right?

While there’s a category of foods mighty burgers and hotdogs, the perfect pizzas and brownies and the prerequisite for every party – drinks) looked down upon by nutritionists, there’s a second category these smart folks were born to propagate. This includes salads, fruit juices, leafy greens, skimmed milk, lean meats (read: all things healthy). There’s yet another category that is always left out in the open and debated on. It is the category of poor coffee (and caffeine-containing products). For years, many educated people have been arguing for or against the puny mug of java. Nonetheless, there are innocent souls waiting for the endless rebuttals to yield a conclusion. Let us pledge not look for “Is coffee good or bad for you?” in our search engines anymore. Let us search for the right answer and let’s begin right here.

1. Moderation Is The Key

Extreme of everything is bad (except shoes). When you, very frequently, indulge in something such as caffeine, you’re bound to notice an instant boost of energy, both physically and mentally. But overdoing it will only result in you becoming hyperactive at first, then gradually feeling your energy drain out as the effect fades away. But, wait a minute. There are these little glands called adrenal glands that get affected every time you chug down a cuppa joe. The body’s fight or flight response gets activated every time you drink a cup of coffee. This means that instead of releasing adrenaline, the adrenal glands start releasing a hormone in response to the coffee that you are consuming. Over time, the adrenal glands start to burn out from overuse. Basically, avoid coffee or keep the consumption to a bare minimum.

Moderation Is The Key

2. Cup-Size Matters

Keeping in mind the amount of intake in a single go is as important as keeping a tab on how frequently you consume your coffee. You might begin to perspire more than normal or have an increased heartbeat, apart from feeling restless and blabbering on just about anything.

Cup-size Matters

3. Every ‘Body’ Is Different

We all can name at least one person who eats like a pig and still looks undernourished. Metabolism plays its role here. Since, the tendency of the body to react towards a certain food item could vary a great deal from one individual to another, a given quantity of coffee could be ‘just the right amount’ to lend a glow to one face, whilst aggravating breakouts for someone whose skin is prone to acne. If coffee is so important to you (which we’ll assume it is), get a nutritionist to gauge how much is okay for you or if it is okay at all.

Every ‘Body’ is Different

4. Weigh Your Requirements At The Moment

Coffee is a blessing for someone who is trying hard to stay awake all night to study. On the other hand, for a person who needs a sound sleep to wake up early the next morning, taking a cup of coffee late in the evening will only make him blame the caffeine for insomnia. If you have a relatively normal routine, 2 cups of coffee had through the day but restricted to 3 hours before bedtime are okay.

Weigh Your Requirements At The Moment

5. ‘Weather’ To Have It Or Not

Sitting by a window, watching the raindrops race down the pane and sipping a cup of your favourite coffee sounds like the perfect combination; so does reading a nice book with a mug of coffee in one hand, while it snows outside. But, picture someone doing the same when it’s 40 degrees outside. Of course, a decent amount of chilled coffee would be good to seek respite from the scorching heat, but since, the natural tendency of coffee is to heat up your body, it would be better to consider cooler options. This argument is based purely on discomfort/ comfort so we’ll let you pick the obvious choice.

‘Weather’ To Have It Or Not

6. When Your Body Desperately Needs It

From being a great start to your morning when you’ve got a presentation or a perfect way to ward off the weariness from the hectic day at work to easing out those menstrual cramps, this cup of jolt could be your saviour on many days. Just do not let your body become so accustomed to it, that you have a bad time dragging yourself to work on days when you don’t get it. But, coffee addiction is a real thing, guys. The caffeine molecule is water soluble and fat soluble. This means that it can pass through the blood-brain barrier and directly alter our brains. It also courses through our veins and affects the blood and cellular membranes. This is where addiction begins.

When Your Body Desperately Needs It

7. How Do You Like Your Coffee, Sir?

While debating the good and bad of coffee, how can you not consider the amount of sugar or the extra fat cream that goes into your Latte? You dare not blame poor coffee for the thick blanket of fat around your belly. If you’re too worried about gaining those inches, opt for black coffee. Yes, copious amounts of black coffee are also bad for you but you can safely drink one cup a day.

How Do You Like Your Coffee, Sir?

Now, for the tough part.

Is it going to be “Now, I’m educated and can continue drinking my coffee again.” or “Dude, I’m going to kick this habit”?

It seems like while coffee has been linked to weight loss, longer life and less depression, it is easily addictive and can be dangerous in excess.

What is “excess”? Up to 400 mg of caffeine is safe for a full grown adult in a day. This amount is roughly 4 cups of coffee. We’re okay with that! Anything is better than losing coffee forever!

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