Interesting Facts & Information About Koalas for Kids

Interesting Facts About Koalas for Kids

As parents, we try everything to keep our kids busy and make them learn something new every day. If you’re a parent to a toddler or an older kid, you must be doing everything possible to keep your energetic munchkin engaged. While there are several activities that you could engage your child in, if your child likes animals, he will be more than happy to learn about a new animal daily. Every day, you can tell him some interesting facts about an animal and enhance his knowledge. You could start by telling him about koala bears. Koalas are one the cutest and most adorable creatures on the earth and your kids will love to learn about this animal. Read this article to learn some interesting facts about koalas and share these facts with your child.

Amazing Facts About Koalas for Kids

Are you looking for koala facts for kids? You’ve come to the right place. With each fact, you will be learning and sharing some fascinating information about koala with your child!

1. Koala Can Climb Trees Easily: Koalas are about 23-inches to 33-inches in length and weigh around 13 kgs. They have a cream-coloured chest and have grey fur all over them. Koalas can crawl up tall trees thanks to their sharp claws and strong feet!

2. Koalas Have Pink or Black Noses: One of the more interesting fun facts about koalas for kids is that they have pink or black noses.

3. They Are Marsupials: Koalas are marsupials just like kangaroos!

4. Baby Koalas are Blind At Birth: Shocking, but true. Baby koalas use their instincts and a strong sense of smell to find their way into their mother’s pouch after they are born. At birth, their eyesight is not that developed and for several months after the birth, a mother koala carries her joey in her pouch.

5. They Eat Eucalyptus for Life: Koalas eat nothing but eucalyptus leaves throughout their lives.

6. Koalas Can Sleep for 18 Hours: Koalas aren’t exactly little bundles of energy. When they’re not busy eating, they sleep for up to 18 hours a day.

7. They Are Awake at Night: Koalas are nocturnal animal hence they are awake at night.

8. Koalas Don’t Drink Much Water: Koalas don’t usually drink a lot of water since they get moisture from the eucalyptus leaves. They also eat gum leaves which are toxic to other animals but safe for them.

9. Koalas Have a Short Lifespan: The average lifespan of a Koala is between 10 to 15 years.

10. Koalas are Native to Australia: Koalas are not really bears, they’re marsupials and they are native to Australia.

11. Koalas’ Fingerprint Facts: The fingerprints of a Koala are very similar to that of humans.

12. They Have a Tough Digestive System: The reason why koalas are able to chew and eat kilos of eucalyptus leaves is because of their strong digestive system. Their digestive tracts are long and referred to as ‘cecum’ which breaks down the leaves without harming them.

13. Their Brains Have Shrunk: Koalas don’t have big brains. This is because of their low-fat diets resulting from just consuming eucalyptus leaves and conserving energy constantly.

14. Their Closest Relative are Wombats: The fossil record of koalas date back to as long as 20 million years ago. This means they had ancestors and their closest living relatives were the wombats.

15. Koalas are Usually Quiet: A piece of interesting koala information for kids is that these creatures don’t make a lot of noise. The only exception is during the breeding season.

These are some interesting facts about koalas, do share them with your kids. We’re sure he will love learning about cute and cuddly koalas. These facts should help you get your kids started on learning about different animals, but there’s more to them. Look for more information on koalas and share it with your child and with us too, in the comments section!

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