Interesting Facts & Information About Albert Einstein for Kids

Interesting Facts About Albert Einstein for Kids

Albert Einstein, one of the greatest minds of the 20th century, was a German-born theoretical physicist. He is remembered for his theory of relativity, which is one of the two pillars of modern physics. Albert Einstein is known as the Father of Physics. He made some extraordinary discoveries based on theories he formulated, which shaped our understanding of the world and the universe at large. If you want to teach your kids about him, we have some facts and interesting information. Read these amazing Albert Einstein fun facts for kids that will inspire them to become like him.

Albert Einstein Information for Kids

Here are a few Einstein facts for children that you can start with. This basic Albert Einstein information can give them some life lessons, such as – you do not necessarily need to be a genius by birth to be one in life. Let’s start with his birth!

1. Einstein’s Birth

Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879, in Wurttemberg, Germany, into a Jewish family. His father Hermann was a salesman, and mother Pauline Einstein a homemaker.

2. Einstein’s Childhood

Now this information about Einstein might come as a surprise for you and your kids. Did you know that he spoke his first words at the age of 4. He often repeated his words and sentences until he turned 7. He wasn’t a gifted child since birth, it is his efforts that made him successful.

3. Early Education

Prepare yourself (and your child) for another unbelievable fact – It is said that young Albert wasn’t fond of the catholic school he went to. Even as a child he had an aptitude for mathematics, however, he disliked the way he was taught other subjects.

4. Self-Taught Scholar

Albert Einstein, at the young age of 12 knew geometry and algebra. By the time he was 14, he had mastered calculus. Einstein wrote his first scientific paper when he was mere 16 years old.

5. Einstein: The Scientist

Some of Einstein’s unmatched discoveries include the Theory of Special Relativity, Theory of General Relativity, Photoelectric Effect, and the Unified Field Theory.

6. Einstein’s Contribution to Physics

His Theory of Special Relativity led to the concept of space-time, which is the basis for understanding the universe. The existence of black holes was first validated and explained by his Theory of General Relativity. His contribution to the fields of physics, space, and energy has been the foundation ground on which generations of scientists based their lives’ work.

7. Einstein’s Famous Equation

Albert Einstein’s famous equation E=mc2 is one of the most famous equations in Physics, which explains the connection between energy and solid mass.

8. Einstein’s Hobbies

Einstein loved music. He played the piano and the violin with great expertise. He often used music as a part of his thinking process and played masterpieces of Mozart beautifully.

9. Myths About Einstein

It is believed that Einstein was left-handed, but that’s not true. Another hilarious myth about Einstein is that he voluntarily chose to be a vegetarian, however, the truth is that he had acute digestive problems because of which he stopped having meat.

10. A Nobel Laureate

Einstein received Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921 for his Theory of Photoelectric Effect. His contribution to the field of Physics is immense – his theories of general and special relativity are of great importance.

11. Einstein’s Death

Albert Einstein died on April 18, 1955, due to an abdominal aortic aneurysm. Einstein died at the age of 76.

12. Trivia About Einstein

One of the doctors who performed an autopsy of Einstein’s body removed his brain for scientific study. But, nothing extraordinary was found in his brain.

These are some interesting facts about Albert Einstein. We hope your kids enjoy listening to these interesting facts about Einstein.

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