Benefits & Importance of Reading to Young Children

Importance of Reading To 2 Year Old Toddlers

Parents often have mixed opinions about reading to their child. While it is definitely educating, it can also be cumbersome and boring. However, taking into account the benefits is reason to read to your child for sure. Unfurl several reasons that toast the importance of reading to your toddlers.

There is no denying the fact that reading is one of the best ways to learn about new things. While your toddler may not be able to read yet, he can still enjoy the world of books. Wondering how? Well, go ahead and read to him!

How to Initiate Toddler Memory Development Through Reading

Time and again, it has been proved that children who are read to from a young age have a higher aptitude for languages. What’s more, such children have more chances of excelling in their academics in the later years when compared to little ones whose parents don’t read to them. One of the main benefits of reading to toddlers is that it inculcates the love for books and reading from a very young age. Also, the intonations and inflections used by the parent influence the reading abilities of the child.

Super Reasons to Read to your Child

1. Basics of Reading

Reading is in no way an inborn talent and has to be nurtured with practice. The fact that one should read from left to right becomes known to your toddler only when you read to him while tracing the words with your fingers.

2. Understanding Letters and Words

For a toddler, the words and letters on a page are just black marks. One of the major benefits of reading in child development is that the tot starts to understand that each and every mark on the page has a sound associated with it and can be strung together to form words.

3. Better Vocabulary

When you read to your toddler, you are actually helping him in building his vocabulary. The more you read, the more are the chances that your tot will learn new words and would also understand the right way to use them. This is why reading is so important for kids.

4. Learning the Alphabets

Your tot may be too young to start reading words and sentences, but he can definitely be taught to identify letters of the alphabets while you are reading out to him. Pointing out different letters and then asking your toddler to repeat them can help you in teaching him the alphabets. Including a book of alphabets in your 2-year-old’s reading list would be a good idea.

5. Reading is Fun!

When you start reading to your child from an early age, you’re inculcating a very positive habit in your child. One of the main importance of reading to your toddler in an engaging way is that he would identify this as a relaxing activity rather than a tedious one. This would go a long way in encouraging your child to be a book lover.

Reading to your child would also help in improving his concentration and memory. With the number of benefits that reading to toddlers have, make sure you set aside some time every day to read to your child.

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