Natural Ways to Get Rid of Fruit Flies in the Kitchen

How to Shoo Fruit Flies Away From Your Kitchen!

Fruit flies invade your kitchen, attack your fruits and vegetables, and lay their eggs wherever they can find a nesting place. They’re pesky little creatures that come uninvited and overshoot their stay, leaving you always wondering how to prevent fruit flies from making your home theirs.

Overripe fruits and vegetables are an open invitation for fruit flies to make themselves at home. No matter how much you try to chase them away, they just refuse to go. Maturing from egg to adult in just over a week, it’s no wonder one can never seem to get rid of them. Luckily, there are a number of effective ways to prevent, fight and ultimately rid your kitchen of these unwanted pests.

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies in the Kitchen Naturally

1. Seal all inlets

Prevention is better than cure, the saying goes, and this applies to pests as well. When you learn how to prevent fruit flies, you won’t be left with the task of getting rid of them in the first place. These little critters fly in through doors and windows that are left open. Ensure entry points are properly sealed with screens and that your doors are closed shut at all times.

Fruits in bowl

2. Cover all fruits and vegetables

Here’s what to do for fruit flies when they attack your fruits and vegetables–keep them covered. This will also keep other pests and dirt from contaminating them. Mesh coverings are the best for fruits and veggies although placing them in glass bowls and covering them with a lid works just as well.

3. Use garbage bins with lids

The odour of overripe fruit and vegetable peels in your garbage bin are going to bring those fruit flies swarming in. You need to keep a lid on trash cans at all times and dispose garbage regularly. Among other things, wash the bins regularly to get rid of any eggs laid inside.

4. Try a natural vinegar solution

These pests are naturally drawn to the scent of vinegar so you can beat them by setting vinegar traps for fruit flies. Take a bowl and fill it with a little vinegar and some water. Cover it securely with foil or a plastic wrap and poke some holes into it, large enough for the flies to enter and keep them trapped inside. Once inside the bowl, they shouldn’t be able to get out and will eventually drown.

When preventing them from infiltrating your kitchen doesn’t work, setting a trap for fruit flies in the house is your next best solution. If you don’t want to waste your vinegar or red wine, sugary bait works just as well or even better. The next time you have a decaying fruit sitting in your fridge waiting to be tossed in the bin, use it to make a fruit fly trap instead. You can add a little juice or soda as an added incentive and successfully learn how to kill fruit flies in the kitchen.

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