10 Tips on How to Protect Eyes from Computer & Mobile Screen

How to Protect Eyes from Computer and Mobile Screen – 10 Effective Ways

We use many types of electronic devices every day like mobile phones, televisions, and computers. This can lead to eye problems as your eyes are exposed to digital screens for long periods.

Steps to Relief from Computer and Mobile Eye Strain

Steps you could try to maintain the health of your eyes and reduce digital eye strain include:

1. Get a Comprehensive Eye Exam

The best thing you can do treat or prevent vision problems is by taking a routine comprehensive eye exam. The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health says that people using the computer must check their eyes before they begin to use the computer. They should do this every year. It is also important to tell your eye doctor how often you work on the computer.

2. Use Proper Lighting

Excessive bright lights can cause eye strains. So when you are on the computer, the ambient lighting of the machine should be half as bright as the brightness of the lights found in your office. Use shades or blinds to get rid of the exterior light. You can also position your monitor so that you are not in front of or behind the windows. Some people also feel better when they avoid fluorescent lights that are above them. So instead of this, you can use a floor lamp in your office that gives indirect incandescent or halogen lighting.

3. Minimising Glare

Reflections on your computer, glare on finished surfaces and walls could also cause computer eye strain. To avoid this, you can consider setting an anti-glare screen on your computer monitor, and you can also paint a darker colour to your bright light walls with a matte finish. Cover your windows and if external light is still bothering you, try using a computer hood. If you usually wear glasses then get the lenses with anti-reflective coating. This will help to reduce glare and lessen the light reflecting off the back and front surfaces of your standard lenses.

4. Upgrade Your Display

It is best to remove your cathode ray tube style monitor and replace it with flat-panel liquid crystal display. These types of monitors are found in laptop computers. LCD screens have an anti-reflective surface and are easier on the eyes. Moreover, CRT monitors can cause so many noticeable flickers which are another major cause for eye problems. Flickering could cause fatigue and eye strain. When you choose a new flat panel display, look for one with the highest resolution. Don’t forget to select a computer with a large display with a diagonal screen length of at least 19 inches.

5. Adjusting Your Display Settings

Adjusting will help to reduce fatigue and eye strain.

Brightness: adjust the intensity of your monitor to the same brightness of your surroundings. You can do this by testing the brightness using a white background. The monitor is too bright if it looks like a light source and too dark if it is dull or grey.

Text size and contrast: when you are reading a long document, try adjusting the contrast and the text size to a comfortable manner. A white background with a black print is the most comfortable combination.

Colour temperature: you should also consider reducing the colour temperature. Doing this will lower the emission of large amounts of blue light and is comfortable for long-term viewing.

6. Blink More Often

Blinking prevents eyes from irritation and dryness. Blinking is essential as it moistens the eyes and is essential when working on a computer. Studies show that the frequency of blinking decreases than usual when working on the computer. This causes the tear coating to evaporate leading to dry eyes. To reduce this, you can try exercising your eyes like you are slowly falling asleep. This will moisten your eyes.

7. Exercise Your Eyes

Focusing fatigue is another type of eye strain. To reduce this condition, you can look away from the computer every 20 minutes and focus on another object. This relaxes your eye muscles and reduces fatigue. You can also try looking at a far away object and then look at something close for 10 seconds. Do this at least ten times.

8. Taking Breaks Frequently

To reduce the strain on your neck and shoulder, you should take frequent breaks during the day. During your computer breaks, you can try standing up, stretching your arms, necks, leg, and shoulders and move about to reduce your tension on your eyes as well as your body.

9. Modifying Your Workstation

Shifting between the monitor and a printed page can cause eye strains. To avoid this, you should set up a copy stand next to the monitor. Make sure you light the copy using a desk lamp which does not shine into your eyes. Also, adjust the height of your chair and the table as improper posture could also cause computer vision syndrome. You can also consider purchasing ergonomic furniture which lets you set your screen 20 inches away.

10. Consider Wearing Eyewear

How to prevent eyes from computer rays? It is best to have an eye professional modify the glasses you wear to customised computer glasses. This is very important if you use contact lenses as that could make your eyes uncomfortable and dry when working on the computer for an extended period. Also, you could consider getting the photochromic lenses to reduce the exposure to blue light.


Eyes Strained Due to Computer Screen

1. Does Continuously Looking at Computer And Mobile Screens Damage Eyes?

Yes, if you continuously use digital devices for a long time, chances are it will damage your eyes. Digital screens emit harmful rays like UV and x-rays. This emission can cause eye damages when looking at the screen for a long time.

2. How Does Excessive Screen Time Affect Your Eyes?

You could damage your eyes when staring into the screen for so long due to the rays or because of the brightness. Computer screens emit large amounts of blue lights which could lead to eye fatigue, retina damages, and several other discomforts in the eye.

Remember to stay hydrated as well. Dehydration could cause a certain amount of eye dryness and could decrease the tear production. So, increase the intake of water which will help you with your eyes.

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