How To Make a Diaper Bouquet - DIY Tips & Steps

How To Make a Diaper Bouquet

A baby shower is nearing, and you want to gift something that looks unique and impresses the mother-to-be. Well, a DIY-style diaper bouquet is in trend nowadays. The diaper bouquet  has caught on as a novel gift idea for baby showers.

Diapers are a permanent fixture in the gift list of any mom-to-be. But there is no fun in just buying a bag of diapers from the superstore, wrapping it with store-bought paper, and then gifting it. The flexibility and the elasticity of diapers make for some fun craft supplies. Coupled with a few craft supplies that will probably be lying in your cupboard, you can give a unique twist to the diaper bag.

What Is a Diaper Bouquet

A diaper bouquet is a bouquet arranged like flowers in a bouquet. Easy to make, there is so much one can do to make the boring diapers look appealing. Arranging them in a floral look gives it an exciting twist. Parents can even have it as a centrepiece on their bedside table and grab a diaper when they need one. If you are looking for some innovative ideas, check out the tutorials below.

Steps To Make A Diaper Bouquet

All you need to make a diaper bouquet is diapers and a little creativity. With stuff that you have in your closet, you could whip up a lovely-looking gift for your friends or family who are expecting a baby.

Material Required

  • 50 Diapers
  • 70 bamboo skewers
  • Tulle ribbon
  • White yarn or string
  • Vase
  • Floral foam to fit in the vase
  • Paper to line vase
  • Green tissue paper

How to Make

  • Open a diaper and place the blunt side of the skewer inside the diaper. You could also put the end of the skewer under the elastic of the leg. However, if the skewer is pointed on both ends, you need to be careful as it could rip the elastic. Close the diaper and roll it tightly. Roll from the folded end to the open end, tie the rolled diaper with a string tightly, and cut the ends. Repeat this for all the diapers.
  • Line the vase with some paper around the edges. You could use white plain paper or even some wrapping paper. Now place the foam inside the vase and arrange the tied diapers like you would arrange flowers. Poke the sharp ends of the skewers into the foam.
  • Now cut the tulle ribbon into strips of 3-4 feet each. Cut about 20 strips. Tie one end of the tulle around the skewer and roll the remaining tulle around the skewer. Keep twisting it. The tulle will help add volume. Tuck the end of the tulle into the cast or use a hot glue gun to secure it.
  • Now insert these tulle flowers amidst the diaper flowers for the perfect flower arrangement. You could make flowers from other materials too.
  • Tuck the tissue paper to make leaves. Use red tulle to make it look like a diaper rose bouquet. Your simple yet classy Diaper Bouquet is ready!

The next time you are invited to a baby shower, make this diaper bouquet to impress the expectant mother with a pretty and practical gift!

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