How to Lose Weight Fast - 5 Ways For Effective Weight Loss

Want To Burn Those Calories But Too Busy for the Gym? We Know 5 Simple Ways That Can Help!

Wondering how to lose weight the lazy way? With long hours at the gym and stringent dietary plans being a no-no for you, you’re obviously looking for slicker and smarter ways of getting rid of those extra pounds, right? Just breeze through these tips and shed pounds without a sweat.

Do you want to burn off those nagging calories but don’t have the time for gym workouts or planning stringent eating regimens? Fortunately, sometimes, the smallest amount of efforts work wonders. If you really want to know how to lose weight fast- here’s the secret! (Hint: This is the best way for lazy girls!)

5 Minute Workout For Lazy Girls

Tips to Lose Weight Fast and Easy

1. Low Carb Diet -Just Twice Every Week

As per a study, women scaling 1500 calories daily (across the week), and those on a low carbohydrate diet twice a week, lost up to 9lbs of weight. Why go the hard way with a no-freedom diet that makes you suffer hunger pangs and slip ups? One of the easy ways to lose fat is by withstanding your food cravings for just a couple of days per week, without over indulging in any way on ‘normal-eat’ days.

2. Ease Out Workouts

Experts helping you with how to lose weight the lazy way are also of the opinion that exercising with a lot of intensity, without giving yourself any recovery time, causes more harm than good. Go slow, so that your stress hormones, or cortisol, doesn’t permit your system to hold on to unsightly belly fat. It’s also recommended that while performing high-intensity workouts, you should don a heart-rate (HR) monitor. Aim for 60 to 70 percent max HR during recoveries and 85 to 90 percent during intervals.

Ease out workouts

3. Keep a Pen Handy

Yet another lazy way to lose weight is by way of journaling all the food that goes into your digestive tract. To avoid boredom from setting in, write down your eats twice every week and once during the weekend. According to a study, wherein 220 women noted down all that they consumed at least thrice per week, it was noted that they ended up losing an average of 11 lbs across 18 months. Isn’t that cool!

4. Just 30 Minutes of Gym Time is Enough

Lady, we’re sure that you’ll also agree that this is the laziest way to lose weight. Researchers from the University of Copenhagen opine that those who worked out 30 minutes every day on a regular basis for three months weighed eight pounds lighter. In contrast, those working out an hour every day tipped the scale lower by just six pounds. So, just cut back on your gym time, store up more energy for other activities and burn even more calories. Alternately, studies have shown that your baby is helping you lose weight too.

5. Siestas Burn Calories Too

Those avoiding shut-eye moments often eat high-calorie stuff for remaining alert and awake. Easy ways to lose calories include taking short naps and not cutting down on your beauty sleep or siesta. Cravings for chops, chocolates and desserts shoot sky high with lack of sleep disturbing your brain’s pathways. So, sleep when you need to!

These tips to get fit without any drama go a long way in helping you come back to your normal weight without trying too hard. Adopt these ways of losing weight without trying for it — you won’t be disappointed.

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