How to Lose Weight Fast - 7 Ways For Effective Weight Loss

How to Lose Weight Just By Walking Everyday

You can lose weight only by walking. Sounds fantastic but impossible? Well, it is very much possible if you only keep in mind this step-by-step guide on walking for weight loss!

Busy moms and workouts don’t often go together. If you are able to squeeze workout time in your schedule – congrats! But if not, check out this walking workout plan that will help you start 2016 with a bang! All you need to do is keep at it religiously and not lose heart midway.

What are you waiting for? Let’s learn how to walk off the weight!

Important Tips On How to Lose Weight By Walking

Wondering whether you can lose weight by walking? Of course you can! It is one of the simplest cardio exercises. However, if you are about to start walking for weight loss, here are a few important things you need to bear in mind for it to actually work for you!

1. Warm Up before You Start Walking

Start your daily walk with a warm-up session of 5 to 10 minutes. This will let your muscles know that they need to use fat reserves and provide energy for the upcoming walk. More fat burnt, more power to you!

2. Walk at a Determined Pace

Walking for fitness and weight loss is different from, say, walking to the grocery store. One of the important factors is the pace at which you walk. When you are breathing hard (and audibly) but not panting, it is an indicator that you are walking at a good pace. Walk at a pace that exercises your heart as well as muscles. Remember: brisk, with limb movement, and without huffing and puffing.

3. Walk for 30 Minutes Every Day

How much walking is needed for weight loss? Considerable. There is no escaping this. If you want to lose weight just by walking everyday, you need to keep at it and ensure you walk for 30 minutes everyday. You can also take two small walks of 15 minutes each in the morning and evening.

Walk for 30 minutes every day

4. Hydrate before and after Walking

Not only is this vital to ward off dehydration and fatigue, but also something that helps increase the flow of antioxidants in your body. This boosts weight loss even more!

5. Don’t Overdo it too Fast

Why is this important for weight loss? Isn’t the more intense the better? No! Not unless you want to cancel your walking workout owing to soreness and injury. You must gradually build up your speed and duration from moderate to vigorous.

6. How Fast Can You Lose Weight by Walking?

Quite fast! Brisk walking is more effective for weight loss than you think! Experts have suggested that regular, brisk walking of 30 minutes can help you lose upto 200 calories in a week. Multiplied by 7 days, this amounts to 1.6 pounds or a kilogram in four weeks!

7. What Else Can You Get from Walking?

While weight loss is probably the biggest perk, there are other big benefits of walking 30 minutes a day as well! Walking everyday helps control diabetes, mental health, cholesterol levels and even cancer. Your muscles and joint stay in top notch shape and you feel fresher too.

So that’s how brisk walking helps to lose weight. Come ladies, let’s walk our way to fitness! Have you started walking yet?

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