Effective Ways to Improve Your Child's Writing Speed

How to Improve the Writing Speed of a Child – Tips for Parents

Handwriting proficiency is achieved only with practice. Apart from enjoying your parenting years, be aware that you can mould your child only during the formative years. The more your child writes, the better he will get at it. Many reasons contribute towards slow writing, such as the incorrect position of the paper, wrong posture, the incorrect grip of the pencil, etc. Writing, which is a key part of education and an important form of communication, can be honed and improved by following systematic steps and engaging the child in fun activities and daily writing sessions.

Why is It Important to Improve the Writing Speed of Children?

Being slow in writing is a very big obstacle in a child’s road to success. Writing is a very important part of exams, doing assignments, and taking handwritten notes. Children tend to get frustrated and lose their motivation to learn if they are not able to keep pace. Hence, right from the initial years, the child’s writing speed should be monitored. Writing improves only when a child is able to form the letters correctly. It is essential for all parents to know how to make a child write faster.

How to Improve the Writing Speed of Your Child?

Developing good handwriting needs to be honed during the elementary years, and it has significant benefits. Teaching a child to write faster, though a little difficult, should begin with a positive mindset. Writing is a process, so with continuous training and practice, your child will acquire the skill to capture ideas and organize his thoughts. Your child will gradually learn to set realistic and achievable goals. Eventually, your child will exhibit his depth of knowledge and expertise, and the excitement of expressing stimulating ideas will reflect in his piece of writing.

What You Will Need

To live up to the adage ‘good writing is good thinking’, children need to overcome the roadblocks. Improving handwriting speed of kids is quite a challenge. Pattern-based writing encourages children to write in a natural and organized way. A timed writing system influences children to write more, better, faster. For this, children will need the things listed below:

  • A soft pencil grip enables the child to write well.
  • Paper is required to write on.
  • An alphabet chart will give the child a visual impression of the formation of letters.
  • Grid paper will make the child’s work more organized.
  • A stopwatch will help the child to fall into timed writing practice.
  • Reading journals will enhance the knowledge base to give a better-written output.
  • A rubber grip on the pen/pencil can develop finger grip and dexterity.
  • Tweezers will enable the child to improve gross motor skill and improve pencil grasp.
  • Small objects can be used for writing descriptions.
  • A ball can improve the grip so that the child is able to write better.

How to improve child's writing speed

Tips to Improve Children’s Writing Speed

Handwriting speed automatically improves if the writing technique improves. Some tips to improve the writing speed are mentioned below:

1. Hold the Pencil in a Comfortable Manner

The ideal way to hold the pencil is the dynamic tripod grip which helps a child to write faster.

Best holding position

2. Do Not Grip the Pencil Too Hard

A conscious check while writing ensures that your child is not gripping the pencil too hard, which can tire out his hands soon.

Best holding position

3. Choose a Proper Writing Technique

While writing, he must use the shoulder muscles and forearm so that writing does not slow down or cramp and tire his hand.

Best writing technique

4. Use the Best Writing Implement

He must use the best quality writing implement which can bring about a huge difference in his writing. The implement’s thickness and tip size should be according to his preference to enhance quality.

Best writing implements

5. Check His Writing Style

Modifying and simplifying the way your child writes letters can increase his writing speed. The correct size of the letters will enable him to write faster.

Writing style

Improving the handwriting speed can have notable and significant benefits. Maintaining the right posture, using a good implement and adopting correct writing style are some of the essential aspects to improve upon.

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