How to Enjoy Travel with Your Husband without Argument

How To Go On An Argument-Free Holiday

The first snag in planning a vacation is a difference in opinion about the destination itself. And that’s just the beginning. Thankfully there are plenty tips on how to enjoy travel with your husband, so that your vacation turns out perfectly as planned.

From squabbling over the location to arguing about the budget, the boxing gloves are already on before you can even book your tickets. It’s the most natural thing in the world for couples to argue before and during a holiday. These tips for a peaceful journey together will ensure your dream holiday does not turn into a nightmare.

Tips to Enjoy a Fight-Free Holiday

1. Budget Your Holiday Ahead of Time

You can’t expect to go on a lavish cruise or a world tour with a budget that’s more suited for a fortnight in Goa! The bottom line is to plan your holiday according to your means. Make sure you both agree on the amount you’re willing to spend and chalk out a budget that’s not over and beyond. A well planned budget will ensure that you enjoy travel with your hubby.

2. Let Decision-Making be a Two-Way Process

You and your husband should make decisions about all the minor and major details together. Most often, one person takes charge and decides for both. That’s just setting the tone for an argument. Make sure you both have an equal say when planning your holiday so that neither ends up going for the vacation in a foul mood.

3. Pack for a Vacation, Not for Immigration

When it comes to packing, wives are always the ones to stir up the pot. They always seem to think they’ll need all ten dresses, five pairs of jeans and six pairs of shoes for a two-week vacation. And if they can stuff some extra T-shirts into their husband’s suitcase they’ll gladly do it too. Why stir up an unnecessary fight? Pack sensibly, so that neither of you gets bogged down by lugging all those suitcases.

Pack for a vacation, not for immigration

4. Find the Middle Ground

Going on a holiday together shouldn’t be about “what I want to do” or “where I want to go.” If there’s a historical monument you want to see and he wants to explore the wilderness, pick two separate days. He could pick which sites to see and you could pick the restaurants to dine at. The idea is to reach a compromise so that both get what they want without having to fight and argue over it.

5. Keep a Few Days to Venture Out Alone

Couples don’t always want to do the same thing together. Especially if your husband has a penchant for daredevil adventures and you’re more into exploring the place’s history and culture. Split up and go do your own thing. Even on vacation some alone time together is essential to pursue your own individual interests. Besides it’s so much fun to come back and relate all the experiences of the day to one another.

Holidays are meant for fun and relaxation. Don’t spend your vacation bickering and arguing. You need to remember why you’re taking a holiday together. So, enjoy the time alone amidst the beautiful scenery and surroundings and save the fighting for when you get back home.

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