How to Draw a Butterfly for Kids

Butterflies exist in various shapes, sizes and colours. And, did you know they can see colours too? These delicate little creatures fluttering their many-hued wings can hold your kid’s attention for hours. Then, how about encouraging your little one to draw one? It can turn out to be a great indoor activity and also polish your child’s drawing skills. Here’s a step-by-step guide your kids can use for drawing a butterfly.


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What You Will Need:

  1. An A4 size plain drawing paper
  2. Colours (crayons, sketch pens or watercolours)
  3. A pencil
  4. An eraser

Butterfly Drawing for Kids in 12 Easy Steps

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to draw a simple butterfly.


Step 1: Draw a circle.

First, draw a circle on the top half of your drawing paper. This will be your butterfly’s head/ face.


Step 2: Draw a stretched oval connecting the circle.

From the bottom of the circle, draw an oval shape that stretches downwards and tapers at the bottom. Ensure the oval shape touches the bottom of the circle. This forms the body of the butterfly.

Step 3: Draw two curved lines on the body.

Draw two curved lines, equidistant to each other on the body of the butterfly, as shown in the figure. This is the butterfly’s abdomen.


Step 4: Draw a smiley.

Now, on the face (the circle which was drawn in Step 1), draw a smiley with two small circles for the butterfly’s eyes and a curved line for its smile.

Step 5: Draw two lines at the end on the head.

On the head of the butterfly, draw the antennae with two curved lines spiralling out in opposite directions, as shown in the figure.


Step 6: Draw two circles on each side of the butterfly’s body.

Draw two circles overlapping the butterfly’s body at the centre. These circles are the butterfly’s fore wings. Use the curved lines of the abdomen for reference to get the shape as perfect as possible.

Step 7: Draw a curve at the bottom of each wing.

Draw a curve at the bottom of each wing and connect it to the bottom part of the butterfly’s body. These are the butterfly’s hind wings.


Step 8: Draw curves from the lines on the abdomen.

Now, connecting the two curved lines on the abdomen, draw a curve inside each fore wing, as shown in the figure.

Step 9: Draw two curved lines at the bottom of the body.

From the point where the butterfly’s body meets the hind wings, draw a curved line on each side, pointing away from each other. Draw a small circle at the end of each of these lines. These lines are the butterfly’s legs.


Step 10: Draw circles in the centre of each fore wing

In the centre of each fore wing, draw two concentric circles, touching each other as shown in the figure below.

Step 11: Draw tiny circles on the fore wings.

On the outermost part of the fore wings, draw three tiny circles on each side of the wings.


Step 12: Colour the butterfly.

Now, pull out all your colours and decorate the butterfly in as many shades as you want.With this easy-to-understand guide, your kid can learn how to draw a simple butterfly. When your little one masters this drawing, encourage him/her to draw more butterflies in various sizes, prettier shapes and colour them as vibrant or subtle as they want. Don’t forget to put the drawings on the refrigerator. You will give them wings to explore the art form by doing that!

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