How to Get Pregnant with Triplets Naturally?

How to Conceive Triplets Naturally?

Triplets are the dream of many families – the more, the merrier. The thought of having not two but three kids and their giggles around the house is something many couples look forward to. Those adorable little munchkins and their contagious energy are what make parenting a beautiful journey. If you’ve always dreamed of having triplets, then you’d be glad to know that there are ways to conceive triplets naturally. However, conceiving triplets naturally depends on certain factors that couples should know beforehand. From fertility assistance to lifestyle tips and techniques, here is everything you need to know about triplet births and how to increase your chances of conceiving triplets naturally.

Formation of Triplet Babies

Triplets are formed in mainly two ways :-

1. Monozygotic

Where the embryo splits into three identical ones, thus giving birth to babies of the same gender and genes

2. Dizygotic

Each embryo gets fertilized by separate sperm. The babies may or may not be of the same sex or either carry the same genes.

Another way triplets are formed is when an embryo gives birth to twins and is followed by another one that gets fertilized separately. This is fondly referred to by mothers as ‘a pair and a spare’, which indicates that the spare baby may be of a different gender and genetic disposition than the twins. The twins, however, will carry the same DNA.

Odds of Having Triplets

Getting triplets isn’t something that happens to everyone. In fact, there is a good chance that you may not know any couples who have triplets. If you’re curious about your odds of having triplets, then here are some facts you need to know-

  • You must have a family history of birthing triplets
  • You must be 30 years or older since older women have higher chances of conceiving triplets
  • You must come from a family that has a history of hyper-ovulation
  • There is a 1 in 9000 chance of conceiving triplets, according to Australian research
  • You have a 1 in 40 chance of birthing triplets if you take fertility assistance

So, how often are triplets conceived naturally? Well, the odds of conceiving triplets naturally is 1 in 10,000 births.

How to Get Pregnant With Triplets?

If you’re trying to get pregnant with triplets, then you’ll be glad to know that there are a couple of ways to increase your chances of conceiving. Age is a huge factor since women over the age of 30 and below 40 experience a spike in fertility before entering their peri-menopausal years, thus increasing the chances of releasing multiple eggs for fertilization.

How to get pregnant with triplets naturally fast? Fertility assistance is one of the main ways couples use to increase their conception chances, but there are other factors you can naturally influence to maximise your likelihood of a triplet conception. Keep reading, and we’ll explain how to conceive triplets.

Tips to Conceive Triplets Naturally

Having triplets is the dream of many mothers. Your family grows, and there’s an abundance of energy and so many memories to make as your child grows through the following years. For some, it’s a dream, and for others, it’s pure terror.

Here are some of the best tips for conceiving triplets naturally:

  • Consume a nutritious diet rich in yams, milk, and dairy products
  • The only possible way to increase your chances of having triplets is to have lots of intercourse during your high sex-drive years
  • Eat foods that stimulate progesterone production, such as almonds, walnuts, chicken, eggs, and whole grains
  • If you’ve given birth to twins or more children before, your chances of conceiving triplets will increase substantially
  • Increase your body weight
  • Quit smoking and alcoholism
  • If you’re of African descent, your chances will be very high
  • Take a folic acid supplement every day
  • Stop taking hormonal birth control drugs
  • Be extremely lucky or blessed
  • Get fertility assistance since that will increase your chances by up to 85%!


Due Date for Triplets

Your due date will arrive sooner than you’d expect when you’re having triplets. Normally, it takes 36 weeks for twins to be birthed, while it takes 33 weeks for triplets to come out from your womb. The reason behind this is that your uterus swells, thus triggering cervical contractions early on, which leads to an early delivery due to the small size of the babies.

There is another reason behind the early delivery date, and that’s because the uterus doesn’t have enough room to let the babies grow further, thus triggering an early or premature delivery.

Complications Associated With Having Triplets

Although triplets are a dream for many, sometimes things go off-track and aren’t quite what you’d expect. Pregnancy with one child itself is fraught with complications, so it would be logical to assume that the risks are greater when it comes to triplets. This is because the body has to use its resources for four individuals, including yourself!

Here are pregnancy or birthing complications associated with having triplets that you need to be aware of-

1. For Mother

Triplets pregnancy risks associated with the mother bearing them are:

2. For Baby

Pregnancy complications associated with the babies are:

  • Single or multiple stillbirths
  • Fetal growth abnormalities
  • Tangling of the umbilical cord
  • Your babies may develop Down Syndrome, although the chances of this are rare

You may experience a surge of emotions during the first few days when you discover that you’re having triplets for the delivery date. Take some time off or discuss with your spouse how your lifestyle will change after conception.


1. What Are The Symptoms of Having Triplets?

If you are pregnant with triplets, you may notice extremely sore breasts as one of the first signs. Pregnancy with multiples often accompanies severe morning sickness and weight gain more quickly than normal.

2. How Common Are Successful Triplet Pregnancies?

Up to 98 per cent of all triplets born after 28 weeks of gestation survive successfully. However, the same can’t be said for all triplet pregnancies.

On the other hand, if you feel blessed and have always wanted to conceive triplets, then congratulations. Be open to receiving gifts and take advantage of rented equipment and leased furniture to save expenses and financially stay afloat along the way. The best part is the whirl of tingling emotions you experience when you hear the good news. However, you must remember that once you give birth to triplets, you will be in for a wild ride and experience a world of adventures. But we promise that it’ll be worth it!


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