15 Tips on How to Clean Interior of Car

How to Clean Your Car’s Interior -15 Best Tricks

Having a car makes life a lot easier for most people, especially those who have many errands to run, and children and pets to take places. Sadly, cars are not immune to becoming dirty since all sorts of things make their way in and out of it. This makes keeping your car clean all the more necessary and important.

Easy Tips to Clean the Interiors of Your Car

Here are some tips for cleaning car interior.

Easy Tips to Clean the Interiors of Your Car

1. Declutter Car

Cars can accumulate a lot of junk if you aren’t careful, so the first thing you should do is remove the trash from the car. Check under the seats, in the compartment behind and on the doors.

2. Floor Mats

Clean out your floor mats by taking them out and giving them a good shaking. Scrub them and leave them to dry.

3. Wipe Down

Wipe the console, dashboard and doors of the car well with a cloth to remove the dust.

4. Detailed Dust Removal

Use a toothbrush or a small brush and dust around the knobs and between the AC vents.

5. Polish

Spray some cleaning liquid that is made for cars and polish up the console, dashboard and inside of the doors.

6. Vacuum

Vacuum the car from the ceiling first and move downwards. Make sure to vacuum everywhere possible, including the boot. If you are wondering how to clean inside of car seats, use the vacuum to get into all the tough spots.

7. Cup Holders

Some cars have removable cup holders, which makes it easy to remove and clean, but for those who don’t, you can clean the corners that seem unreachable by using a Q-tip with some cleaning solution.

How to Keep Your Car Clean from Inside

8. Clean Seats

For cleaning leather car seats, you will need to clean and condition to prevent them from cracking. If your seats are upholstered, you will need to check your manual and see what cleaning products can be used on the seats. The best way to do it is to vacuum, cleanse and vacuum again.

9. Clean Windows

Use a glass cleaning liquid to clean the inside of the windows and wipe with a clean rag.

10. Fur Removal

Sometimes fur can stay even after you have vacuumed. Take a spray bottle filled with water and a small squeegee and get the remaining fur out. You can even blow up a balloon and rub it on the seats to form static.

11. Stain Removal

Soak any stains on either the car seat or the carpet with a formula made with vinegar and water. Leave for fifteen minutes and then clean with a wet rag.

12. Melting Objects

If you have kids who leave behind their crayons or if you have a candle that is melting somewhere in your car, use an ice cube to halt the melting and then remove the item.

13. Air It Out

If you have used a lot of cleaning products in your car, it is especially good to leave the doors and windows open so that your car can air out.

14. Air Freshener

There are many different types of air fresheners available, so if you want your car to smell good you can install one or spray your car.

15. Replace Everything

Once you are done cleaning the insides, you can replace everything and enjoy your clean car.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about cleaning the interiors of a car.

1. How Do I Disinfect the Interior of My Car?

When its flu season and you have people sneezing and coughing in your car, it is only natural to be worried that the germs will remain in the car and spread to you or anyone else who takes a ride in it. This is especially true if you have children travelling in your car. The best way to disinfect your car interiors is to shampoo your car seats and use a disinfectant to clean the console, dashboard and doors. Pay close attention to the buttons for the radio, and the door handles because they are the places most often touched by people.

The first thing you need to do is clean out your car completely, and then crack open a window and slip in the hose. Block the remaining part of the open window so that none of the ozone escapes. Run the generator for an hour and no more as it can be damaging to your car if you do so. However, ozone is one of the best cleansers you will find and it will not only remove odours but will be able to kill any bacteria or virus that may be lurking about somewhere in your car. Leave your car for another hour with the generator shut off so that the ozone can really settle in. Ensure that nobody goes near the car or generator when it is running as it is dangerous to people, animals and even plants. You can also find a place that provides this service and let someone with experience do it if you are unsure about doing this yourself.

2. How Can I Get Rid of White Milky Residue on My Door Handles And Consoles?

For any stains or residues that are found on door handles and consoles, use a clean cloth and some mild soap or cleaner. Spray the cleaner on the cloth and then wipe, rather than spraying directly onto the console and door handles.

While cleaning out your car may seem like a difficult task, it is well worth the time and effort put into it. Having a clean car can make you feel really good, especially if you spend a lot of time on it. Not just that, it will be very beneficial for you if you have young children.

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