Take the Romance Quiz to Find Out How Strong Your Marriage Is

How Strong Is Your Marriage? – The Romance Quiz

Marriage is said to be the union of two souls. From the time you first get married, to years later, when you have a full house with grownup children, this is one relationship that can stand the test of time. But like every good thing, it demands effort – from both of you! So, how strong is your marriage after all? Are you prepared to find out?

While there’s no denying the beauty of marriage, it is definitely not a relationship you can take for granted. For that matter, no relationships are! If both partners do not put in the requisite effort to keep their marriage alive and well, it becomes vulnerable. Time, age and stress can then wear out your married life.

On the other hand, a strong marriage becomes your pillar of strength, and keeps you safe and protected from the harsh realities of the world. Your husband becomes your best friend, your confidant and your soul mate.

Find Out The Strength of Your Marriage With Our Simple and Real Quiz

Answer the questions below by picking one option – a, b or c – as your answer. Note your options in a piece of paper. Once you’re done, scroll right to the bottom and find what your answers reveal. All the best!

1. How Often Do You Go Out On a Date With Hubby?

a. Only on special occasions
b. Once a month
c. Once a week

2. How Often Do You Go On a Double Date?

a. You have never been on a double date
b. You have married friends that you go out with regularly
c. You go out in groups, but not necessarily a double date

3. Has Your Dating Routine With Hubby Changed After Having a Child?

a. Yes, we rarely have the time for each other post baby
b. Only for the first few months, we have got back into the routine now
c. No, we have made sure to keep the romance alive post baby

4. How Often Do You Have Sex With Hubby?

a. Rarely – once a month or less
b. You make time for each other 2-3 times a week
c. As often as possible – sometimes every day

5. Do You Let Arguments or Issues Get in the Way of Your Sex Life?

a. Yes, your issues have adverse effects on the bedroom
b. We try not to let it, but sometimes it is unavoidable
c. Never, sexual intimacy is more important than any argument

6. How Has Planning for a Baby Affected Your Sex Life?

a. It’s stressful! The planning and timing gets in the way of the fun!
b. It’s difficult but we have created a balance between the stress and fun
b. It’s better! You have much more sex and fun with hubby!

7. Are You Open With Your Husband About Your Sexual Needs?

a. You don’t talk about your sexual needs.
b. You are shy so you don’t bring it up.
c. Yes, we talk about everything openly.

8. When Was The Last Time You Vacationed With Your Hubby?

a. On the honeymoon (more than a year ago)
b. Last year
c. A few weeks ago

9.How Often Do You Take a Trip With Just Your Hubby?

a. Once in a blue moon
b. Once a year
c. Once in six months

10. How Often Do You Take a Spontaneous Weekend Off?

a. Never, it’s always planned in advance!
b. Most of our trips are planned, but we try to be spontaneous!
c. As often as possible!


1. Mostly A’s

Step up the Romance!Dear Mommy, it seems that your married life has entered into a routine that does not involve a lot of romance and spontaneity! But don’t worry! All it will take is a little bit of effort to get your marriage back into the Honeymoon Period! Check out some of our other articles for tips and tricks on how to revive the romance in your relationship!

2. Mostly B’s

A great balance!Dear Mommy, it seems you have found the perfect balance between romance and routine! While it isn’t possible to be spontaneous and extravagent all the time, you still find ways to make your hubby feel loved and your marriage is stronger for it! Check out some of our other articles for tips and tricks on how to maintain the balance between every day life and the romance in your marriage!

3. Mostly C’s

An infinite Honeymoon!Dear mommy, you seem to have the marriage that people dream of having! You and your husband have kept the passion alive despite the hustle and bustle of daily life, and you have a very strong marriage as a result! Check out some of our other articles for tips and tricks on how to maintain your finances and plan for the future – or even for tips on where to go for your next last minute get away – and keep the Honeymoon Period going strong!

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