Ways to Lighten Dyed Hair That Was Dyed Too Dark

How Not to Freak Out Over “Too Dark” Hair Colour

Coloring hair has become a popular way to experiment with your look and hide the greys. But sometimes you might end up with a color that’s a tad dark for your taste. Do you know what to do when the hair dye is too dark? Find out and fix it!

Did your hair colouring job just turn into a disaster? If you’re worried that you’re stuck with a hair colour that’s too dark, relax and breathe. It can be fixed with a few simple tricks. You’ll be rocking gorgeous hair in no time!

How to Lighten Hair That Was Dyed Too Dark Using Easy Fixes

1. Clarifying Shampoo: Your Saviour in Disguise

If you’re not happy with the shade that a hair colourant has left you with, it’s a good idea to wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo. The earlier you do it, the better. Clarifying shampoos contain surfactants that strip hair of colour. So, when you’re faced with what to do because your hair dye is too dark, just grab a bottle of clarifying shampoo and use it till the artificial colour begins to fade.

2. Going The Natural Way

Did you know that you can naturally lighten hair colour? Of course, the techniques don’t work wonders within a day, but they’re safer than chemical-laden products.

  • Lemon Juice: Apply lemon juice all over your hair and spend some time in the sun. The citric acid in the juice, when subjected to the heat of the sun, will open up the hair cuticles and lighten your hair colour. Don’t expect a miracle -you’ll see a change in about one to two weeks.


Sea Salt: Make a paste of sea salt and water, and apply it to wet hair. Sit for a while in the sun then wash your hair properly. This is one way to lighten dyed hair within a few days.

Honey: Hydrogen peroxide, which is used to lighten hair, is an important constituent of honey. You can use it on your hair without worrying about damage. Add about 1/3 cup of honey to a quarter cup of conditioner, mix and apply it on damp hair. Use a comb to spread out the solution evenly. Cover your hair, leave it overnight and wash it.

3. Get Professional Help

Not everyone will have the patience to go the natural way. If the hair dye you’ve used is too dark and you want to know how to lighten it, you can always seek professional help. Check the box of the hair colour that you used to find a helpline. Call it and try to get in touch with a professional who’ll be able to guide you.

4. Use A Hair Colour Lightener or Remover As A Last Resort

When nothing works, you can try using hair colour removers or lighteners. They will strip your hair of hair colour, but since they’re so strong, they also strip it of softness and moisture. Resort to them only if there’s no other way out and you need your hair lightened quickly.

Don’t get too experimental when choosing a hair colour. Go for a tone that’s just one or two shades darker than your natural hair. It’ll save you from looking out for tips to fade hair dye and hoping that they work!

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