How Many of These Typical Traits Does Your January-born Partner Have?

How Many of These Typical Traits Does Your January-born Partner Have?

Birthdays not only indicate how old we are- but they also say a lot about our personality. It is commonly believed that one can make fairly accurate conclusions about a person on the basis of their birthday month. That’s simply because, like zodiac signs, there are certain typical traits which people born in a particular month have. Not all of these may be necessarily true, but they are a fun way of reading your partner. Who knows, you may just discover some qualities that will help work on the weak points in your relationship!

Traits of People Born in January

They say, “Those who are born in January are really lucky as they are born to lead”. If you’re intrigued, keep reading to find out more about your January-born partner.

Traits of People Born in January

1. They Reverse-Age

Because your partner’s birthday is in the first month of the new year, they look and feel very youthful. That said, they are also sweet old souls who likely became wise and mature quite early in life. They live care-free and take every moment as it comes. As the years go by, they work hard to build a secure nest for their family, and yet don’t look a day older than 20!

2. They Love You But Aren’t Very Expressive

If you’re a person who craves open declarations of love, January-born people may disappoint you, at least in the initial stages of a relationship. That’s because they have a difficult time expressing their emotions and feelings in words. Your partner would rather show their love by doing little things they think you’ll appreciate. Not to forget, commitment is their second name and they will always be there for you during the highs and lows in life.

3. They Always Lift Your Mood with Their Funny Jokes

Your partner is likely to be a “jokey” person and admired for their natural sense of humour. January-borns are the wittiest, both at home and in a social gathering. Their spontaneous one-liners can lift you up when you’re feeling tired or pessimistic. In fact, Rowan Atkinson, who played Mr Bean in films, also celebrates his birthday in January.

4. They are Very Likeable People

One of the best traits your January-born partner has is charisma. They make a powerful and lasting impression, so much so that everybody they know wants to be like them. Your partner is an excellent role model for your children and can become their inspiration. Being born in the first month of the year, they are thinkers and are likely to be intelligent.

5. They Try Not to Burden Their Partner with Problems

You might be trying your best to share your January-born partner’s worries, but they may be hesitating to talk about their troubles. What’s happening here is that your partner is trying to avoid burdening you with problems. They are making an attempt to manage everything on their own. This may create misunderstandings at times, but you can be supportive by just giving them space when they need it.

Traits of January-born People


6. They are Cool, Calm and Collected

Because they are born in winter, they have the ability to be calm and collected, come what may. There are few things that can ruffle the feathers of a person born in January. Your partner uses practicality and logic while tackling situations. They usually think about all the possible consequences before taking a decision.

7. They Expect Their Partner to Support Their Unique (and Sometimes Crazy!) Ideas

Boredom leads to innovation for your partner. Being of an enthusiastic and energetic nature, January-borns can come up with unique ideas. While in the company of their children, they are always up for playing new games and making photo-worthy moments. In between the sheets, they come up with ideas that may seem crazy to you, but all they need is your co-operation and consent.

8. They Think, “If Only Life Were a Party….”

If a party seems dull and gloomy, there’s a January-born missing from the picture. That’s because these people are the life of any gathering. They love to have fun and a good time, even if this means taking care of arrangements for a house party.

9. They are Born Leaders

Did you know that the famous entrepreneur Jeff Bezos also has his birthday in January? Leadership skills are one of the typical traits of a January-born. They have their own ways of doing things and are almost always successful. As a result, they are a favourite with their bosses at work and climb up the career ladder very fast. You’re smiling, now that you know your significant other stands out from the crowd!

10. They Have a Unique Outlook towards Life

January-borns have high standards and look for people who have similar morals and values. Most of them are not materialistic- it doesn’t matter if they don’t have trendy clothing or a big, shiny car. Since they don’t like to compromise on their independence, they are not very fond of restrictions. However, they do respect age-old customs and traditions.

11. They are Mysterious

Figuring out what your partner is thinking may be a slightly difficult endeavour. People born at the beginning of the year are expert in keeping secrets. They are not rigid in their habits and tend to adjust to people and situations easily.

Day-Wise Traits

January 1: Charming, independent, original

January 2: Gifted, patient, compassionate

January 3: Passionate, quick-witted, ambitious

January 4: Diligent, creative, energetic

January 5: Spontaneous, intellectual, exceptional

January 6: Humble, organised, innovative

January 7: Communicative, rational, optimistic

January 8: Hardworking, honest, sensitive

January 9: Self-assured, gifted, shy

January 10: Hardworking, idealistic, industrious

January 11: Determined, humble, dedicated

January 12: Amiable, motivated, interesting

January 13: Intuitive, energetic, confident

January 14: Go-getter, imaginative, dominating

January 15: Meticulous, firm, creative

January 16: Intuitive, grounded, introvert

January 17: Popular, purposeful, respectful

January 18: Law-abiding, practical, straightforward

January 19: Intelligent, reliable, competent

January 20: Communicative, logical, liberal

January 21: Smart, humourous, fun-loving

January 22: Charming, smart, social

January 23: Funny, adaptable, childish

January 24: Creative, charming, attractive

January 25: Visionary, healer, alluring

January 26: Outgoing, leader, rational

January 27: Polite, impeccable, intelligent

January 28: Determined, successful, enthusiastic

January 29: Hardworking, inspiring, dedicated

January 30: Sharp, intuitive, energetic

January 31: Kind, generous, mysterious

January-born partners are the complete package- they are youthful, ambitious, cool and have a good sense of humour. They are likely to excel at work and take the lead. Moreover, as people born in January are full of fun playtime ideas, their children will never be bored around them!

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