Can Coffee Cause Acne?

How Coffee Just Might Be Acne’s Best Friend

Maybe you’re sipping a lot of coffee to stay focused, or you’re already addicted to this tasty beverage. Despite the deliciousness of coffee, it could just exacerbate your never-ending acne problem. Find out whether coffee can cause acne and how you can drink it without suffering its ill effects.

We do know that green coffee beans are a source of antioxidants and good quality ground coffee can help you with weight loss. But daily consumption of coffee can not only be addictive, it can trouble your skin too!

Is Coffee Linked to Acne?

1. Coffee may be hard on your digestive system

If your day starts with a cup of coffee, it’s time to change this habit. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach releases hydrochloric acid – required to digest heavy meals! Protein digestion can be adversely affected and may cause acne to crop up. When protein remains undigested, you can also suffer uncomfortable gas build-up and bloating.

2. Milk and sugar in coffee can be damaging

The combination of milk and sugar in coffee is delicious to many. But this concoction could just about be the worst thing for acne. The effects of caffeine on the skin can be more damaging when mixed with these two ingredients. It makes your skin produce more oil, damaging the cells through glycation. However, a cup of black coffee can push up your energy levels.

3. Coffee can release stress hormones

Coffee can activate the sympathetic nervous system and keep you feeling stressed. Stress hormones in turn release insulin, a hormone responsible for producing red, swollen pimples. Aside from these unwanted eruptions, too much coffee can make you hyperactive and jittery.

Coffee can release stress hormones

4. You tend to crave sweets

As coffee boosts stress hormones, you tend to crave more sweets, high-carbonate snacks, and calorie dense foods, which are a recipe for acne. If you want to break the connection between coffee and acne, keep your intake to a minimum. If you drink more than two cups a day, substitute a couple of them with fresh juice and smoothies.

5. Coffee contains mycotoxins

Mycotoxins are toxins created by mould that grows in coffee plants. Low-quality coffee contains high levels of mycotoxins like fusarium and ochratoxin A. They stress the liver, preventing it from regulating hormone levels properly. When this happens, acne may develop. So, does coffee cause acne? A cup or two once in a while may not, but it will if you go overboard!

6. Coffee can hinder absorption of minerals

When you drink coffee close to a meal, it prevents your body from effectively absorbing minerals in food. When skin doesn’t get essential minerals like zinc, iron and selenium, it can look dull, worn out and unhealthy.

The question of whether coffee can cause acne has more to do with how much of it you drink and how. While adding milk and sugar isn’t a great idea, they don’t do real damage if you consume just a cup or two a day. However, if you’re a moderate to heavy drinker, you need to cut down your coffee intake. Stay gorgeous!

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