Common Home Items Toddlers Love To Play With

Household Objects That Young Children Love

Toddlers tend to get bored of the toys parents buy for them. However, there are a few seemingly unattractive things that appear to attract them no end. Here’s a list of some of the home items 12-month-old babies love to play with.

After putting in a lot of thought and research to buy the best toys for your toddler, he doesn’t seem all that keen on them. Instead, he appears more taken in by household items! Well, it’s not just your child who has a different taste. Many toddlers love to explore objects that parents use in everyday life.

6 Household Items Toddlers Love to Play with

1. Utensils

Since your tot spends the better part of the day following you, the pots, pans and spoons in the kitchen can become an attraction. He may love seeing his reflection on shiny pots. He may also mimic you by stirring a spatula in a pan. As harmless as this play is, do keep away all sharp and breakable objects. You also need to ensure he doesn’t go near hot utensils.

2. Laundry

This is one thing you dread the most! Folding laundry is tedious to say the least but your toddler loves playing with freshly laundered clothes. He opens up folded clothes or puts in a dirty sock into a pile of just washed garments. He’s too young to know the pain you go through to sort out clothes and fold them!

3. Storage Containers

Your child may be enamoured with containers of different colours and sizes, some of which have goodies stored inside. He may like to pull them out and stack them. This is fine as long they don’t fall and hurt him. You also want to make sure that glass containers are placed well out of his reach. Screw lids tightly to avoid spillage.

4. Remote Controls

This is one home item that 12-month-old babies and older toddlers love to play with. The gadget, with lots of colourful buttons, can attract your darling no end. What’s more, he can press the buttons too. As long he doesn’t bang or throw the remote control, it’s okay to let him play. Always remove the batteries to avoid a choking accident.

5. Bottles and Tubes of Lotion

Toddlers love to squeeze tubes and watch cream or toothpaste oozing out. They also love to pour lotion on their hands and mimic you and your partner using it. Messy, a pain to clean and risky if consumed, your first instinct could be to shout. But rather than scare your child, impress upon him that he’s not to touch them.

6. Toilet Paper

The tissue roll in the toilet can fascinate toddlers. Maybe they see it as something magical that spews out a never-ending supply of paper! Your child may like pulling it and seeing how far it reaches. It’s a harmless activity so long as he doesn’t tear it and put it in his mouth.

As long as your child is safe, let him enjoy his exploration game. It can familiarise him with different textures, shapes and colours.

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