Using Hot Water Bag during Pregnancy - Is It Safe & Precautions to Take

Hot Water Bag During Pregnancy – Is It Safe to Use?

Pregnancy brings about a lot of changes in a woman’s body, some of which are appreciated (think glowing skin) while the others are not (and are unwanted), such as body pain or back pain. Body pain, especially, back pain, is a common but unbearable pregnancy symptom. If you’re pregnant and experiencing back pain, you may reach out for a heating pad or a hot water bag on an impulse to get relief from back pain during pregnancy, but a change in the temperature can affect your baby or that’s what is commonly believed. If you’re thinking of using a hot water bag during pregnancy, find out if it is safe to use or not.

Is It Safe to Use a Hot Water Bag During Pregnancy?

Pregnant women are usually advised to avoid prolonged exposure to hot tubs and saunas as they tend to increase the core body temperature, which can increase the risk of miscarriage and certain birth defects. So it is only natural for a mom-to-be to wonder about and question the safety of using a hot water bag.

You can use a hot water bag or heating pad to get temporary relief from back pain or muscle cramps during pregnancy without worrying about the little one growing inside you. A heating pad is safe to use during pregnancy as unlike hot tubs or saunas, it won’t increase the core body temperature.

When to Use a Hot Water Bag During Pregnancy

Now that you know it’s safe to use a hot water bag during pregnancy, know when you should it.

  • If you experience back pain during pregnancy, use a hot water bag for temporary relief. A heating pad will aid blood circulation and bring instant relief.
  • Use hot water in case you have muscle cramps.
  • If you experience joint or hip pain, use a hot water bag for temporary relief.

Using a hot water bag for joint pain, back pain, and hip pain is safe and will provide temporary relief during pregnancy, but you must avoid using it on your abdomen. There are several causes of abdominal pain during pregnancy, and home remedies may not be the solution. In case you experience abdominal pain, consult a doctor.

A woman using a hot water bag to cure back pain

Precautions to Take While Using a Hot Water Bottle When Pregnant

Keep the following things in mind when using a hot water bottle to get relief from back or joint pain during pregnancy.

  • Ensure that the water in the bag is just hot enough to make you feel warm in the applied area without feeling the burn.
  • Limit the usage of the hot water bag to 20 minutes or less. Use again after an hour so that your body temperature doesn’t rise due to the continuous use.
  • Don’t lie down on the bag directly. Use it like you would use a pillow while sitting on a couch.
  • Do not fill the bag to capacity. Keep it half empty so that it stays flat. This ensures that when using to treat your back-ache, it doesn’t cause your spine to bend.
  • If you are using an electric heating pad, once the pad reaches the peak temperature, switch it off so to prevent it from heating up further.
  • Do not use the water bag directly on your body. Wrap it in a cloth or a towel and use it over your clothing.
  • Never pour boiling water into a water bag. Not only does it harm the material of the bag, but if the water spills on your hands, it could burn your skin as well.
  • While using the bag to treat back pain, keep your feet on the pillow so that your back remains well-supported.
  • Check your hot water bag for any wear and tear or any damage before pouring water in it. Once you have poured the water, seal the lid properly.
  • Avoid falling asleep on the heating pad or hot water bag.

A hot water bottle or a heating pad can bring a great amount of relief from back pain and body pain and the best part is that it is safe to use during pregnancy. Having said that, make sure you don’t use it for more than 20 minutes. If you experience back pain, speak to your gynaecologist about. You can also engage in some light, pregnancy-safe exercises to strengthen your back and to stay active and healthy!

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