Honey for Kids – Health Benefits and Precautions


Honey – everyone knows how yummy and beneficial this natural ingredient is. Honey which is extracted from nectar is one of nature’s best gift and can enhance a child’s health in many amazing ways.

Can you Give Honey to Children?

Although honey has amazing medicinal properties that can really help us, it is not meant for babies who are less than a year old. Of course, it is natural and full of good things, but your baby is not yet ready for it. This is mainly because honey has something called dormant endospores of a bacterial species known as Clostridium botulism which can be toxic and can cause problems to an infant.

There are different varieties of honey like  the manuka honey for kids. The manuka honey is a specific type of honey that is found in New Zealand. Although it has many benefits, it is best to keep all kinds of honey away from children below one year.

Nutritional Value of Honey

The nutritional value of honey is high. It has many amazing values, and some of them are listed below.

This list shows all the highly nutritional elements that are found in 339 gms of honey.

Protein 1 gm
Water 58 gm
Calcium 20.3 mg
Magnesium 6.8 mg
Potassium 176 mg
Zinc 0.7 mg
Dietary Fibre .7 gm
Energy 304 kcal
Sugar 278 gms
Vitamin C 1.7 mg
Niacin 0.4 mg
Folate 6.8 mcg

Health Benefits of Honey for Kids

Honey has many amazing benefits to it.

1. Vitamins and Minerals

Honey has quite a few minerals that are extremely helpful in children. It can be used in various recipes or can also be given to children directly.

2. Protects Liver

Honey has the property to actually help the liver control blood sugar level.

3. Healing Properties

Honey has many amazing healing properties like it helps in a cough and cold, blood sugar and even helps in healing wounds and burns.

4. Helps Sore Throat

Honey is one of the most common natural medicines for a sore throat. It has been used in Ayurveda and other natural medicines in different forms to heal a sore throat. Honey for kids cough is something that is followed in many Indian homes as it works wonders.


5. Medicine For Stomach Upset

Honey is great medicine when children suffer from stomach pain or stomach upset. It helps heal the pain and can also increase the child’s metabolism during this time.

6. Heals Toothache

Honey along with a little cinnamon is a good medicine to heal a toothache. You can make a paste with one tsp. cinnamon and 5 tsp. honey and apply the paste directly to the aching teeth. This is a great pain relief when you have a bad toothache.


7. Helps in digestion

Honey is said to be a natural medicine that helps in digestion. You can make tea with honey when you have a stomach upset. This will help you instantly, and you will feel a lot more relaxed.

8. Helps Heal Dry Skin

Honey is one of the best moisturizers for the skin. You can make your own moisturizer with honey and lemon, or honey and Aloe Vera or just little-diluted honey and apply it on your skin. You will notice how your dry skin is transforming faster than any ever.

9. Remove Tan

Honey has the ability to remove sun tan from your skin. Applying a little lemon and honey on your skin for a few days can bring evident difference as it removes the tan and brings it back to the initial stage.

10. Helps Sore Muscle Pain

Honey helps soothe muscle pain as well. You can make a drink with 2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar, 1 teaspoon of honey, add it to 8 ounces of cold water. This drink is quite soothing and can help heal your muscle pain.

11. Acne Problems

Honey is also used to keep the skin soft and supple and at the same time heal the skin from acne. It has amazing properties to heal many skin problems and is used as a cosmetic product as well.

12. Heals Mouth Ulcer

Mouth ulcers can be quite terrifying as it can really hurt. When it comes to children, mouth ulcers can even stop them from eating food. Apply a little honey with turmeric to the mouth ulcer as it will help heal the wound faster.

13. Controls Asthma

Honey is a great help when children suffer from asthma especially when they have nighttime asthma. Honey has the property to suppress the congestion and provides a way for easier breathing.


14. Increases Metabolism

Giving your child one spoon of honey every day can bring about a definite change in your little one. Honey helps increase metabolism in children, thus keeping the child away from many sicknesses and diseases.

15. Useful During Chronic Inflammation

Honey has the ability to heal inflammation as well. In fact, it has been used as an anti-inflammatory for many years now due to its strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Ways to Use Honey for Cough and Cold in Children

When children are struggling with a bad cold, cough or fever, honey can help to a great extent. Honey is used in different ways during the sickness.

  • One way that has really worked and is the most common way of using it is to add honey to warm water and a little Tulsi. This mix will soothe the throat and also increase the metabolism of the child.
  • Taking a tablespoon of honey directly can also soothe the throat and help in the healing process.

Tips To Make Kids Consume Honey (easily)

Honey is loved by mostly everyone. It is really sweet, and children usually enjoy it. However, you can still find children and adults who do not enjoy the taste of honey. If your child is of the latter category, you could use honey in different food items like cookies or tea, or you can even add it in milk. By adding honey to different food items, you can reduce the sweetness in it. This way, your child will eat honey easily.


Precautions To Take While Giving Honey To Your Children

1. Not For Infants

Keep it away from children less than 1-year-old as honey is a toxic food item for babies.

2. Be Aware of Infant Botulism

Clostridium bacteria that can survive in honey can cause infant botulism. It is a bacteria that resides in the soil but can get into food items like honey.

3. Avoid Keeping It Open

Honey should be closed and kept in a cool place. Because of the sticky texture and the sweetness of honey, it can attract dust and ants. Hence, it must always be closed and kept.

4. Avoid Food With Honey

Sometimes parents forget to identify the food that contains honey and accidentally feed their infants with it. Always be aware of cookies and other items that contain honey when you have an infant around you.

5. Breathing Problems

Honey can cause breathing difficulty in infants and even children. This could be because of allergic reactions. So if you identify any such problem, it is important to visit a doctor immediately.

6. Muscle Weakness

If you notice that your child is struggling with muscle weakness or a muddled cry, then this could be a reaction to honey. Again, it is important to meet the doctor immediately.

7. Constipation

Honey can cause constipation in both children and adults and hence it is important to keep it away if your child is struggling with constipation.

Honey is an amazing natural food that has numerous benefits to it. You can use honey instead of sugar as it is so much healthier and also comes with multiple benefits. Giving honey to your child is a great way to start living healthy.

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