Here’s What you Must Know About Cloth Sanitary Pads

You’ve probably been using standard disposable pads from the day you got your period. And then you complain about rashes and that horrid smell. So, why not make a switch? Here’s a handful of reasons why you may consider using cloth menstrual pads and not sanitary napkins.

Organic cloth pads are reusable and a lot healthier than commercial napkins and tampons. They consist of absorbent cloth to be used during menstrual flow. They’re hygienic and are far cheaper than store-bought sanitary pads in the long run. Today, many women are opting for cloth pads as a healthier alternative. They even come with wings.

Reasons Using Cloth Menstrual Pads Is So Much Cooler

1. They’re Environment-Friendly

The sanitary pads you get from stores are not at all safe for the environment. The plastic in the pads takes ages to degrade. Blood and body fluids contained remain in the soil for years, or get released as harmful chemicals. Unbeknownst to many, switching to reusable organic cloth pads can help save the environment.

2. They’re Really Budget-Friendly

Organic cloth menstrual pads are extremely affordable. The initial cost may be high, but as they’re reusable the deal you get isn’t pricey. Keep in mind that disposable pads last only for a few hours, making it necessary to have a steady supply.

3. Some Say They Can Reduce Pain and Lighten Flow

This is good news for many still wondering why they should use cloth menstrual pads. While it doesn’t apply to every woman, there are some users who’ve noticed significantly less pain and less bloating with these reusable creations. They also report their flow becoming lighter and the duration of each menses shortening.

4. They’re Comfortable to Wear

Organic cloth pads for periods are softer than sanitary napkins and more comfortable to wear. They allow air to circulate better so you get fewer rashes and itchiness. However, in order to get the most out of them, you should look for 100 percent organic cotton products.

5. They’re Easy to Wash

When you have the option to reuse a pad, the first thought that comes to your mind is whether it’s sanitary. The good news is that organic cloth pads are as clean as disposable pads, if not more so. They aren’t loaded with chemicals so your body doesn’t suffer. You can wash them in running water before bathing or soak them in water overnight.

6. They’re Healthier

Another reason why you should change to cloth pads is that they’re a healthier option than the disposable ones. Commercial sanitary napkins contain a chemical known as dioxin, which has been linked to breast cancer, reproductive problems, and weakening of the immune system. Cloth pads, meanwhile, don’t contain chemicals as long as they’re organic.

There are so many choices for menstrual management today and most are built on the concept of disposability. Instead of spending oodles on them, leaving yourself prone to rashes and itches, and contributing to waste, why not take the time to understand what a cloth pad is and how it can serve you? It’s the safest choice, both for you and the environment!

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