Proper and Correct Ways to Do Leg Lifts

Here’s Some Help With Those Tough Leg Raises

Leg raises make your abs better and act on your back muscles too. These leg exercises for women if done the right way, will make you look and feel better than before. Safe and easy-to-perform, leg lifts are surely the way to hotness!

In line with your levels of physical fitness and intensity of workout, you may like to perform vertical lifts, legs lifts with the help of a ball, side leg lifts or hanging leg lifts. Along with giving you a stronger and well-toned body, these leg lift exercises leave you feeling fresh and your muscles less stressed than in other cases.

How to Do Leg Raises for Abs and Gams?

Now that you know what a leg lift exercise is, do go through the following steps to know how to perform the simplest of them all—vertical leg lifts.

Step 1

The proper way to do leg lifts is by lying down flat on your back with the legs outstretched. Keep your legs at a distance equivalent to a toe’s width. Also, ensure that you have your hands lying flat near your sides on the ground. Your palms should be facing downwards too.

  • These leg exercises for women are best done on an exercise or yoga mat for added comfort and support.
  • In case you are prone to back pains, you may like to roll up a soft towel and place it just a small way up your hips, just at the point where your back arches.
  • You can consider using a wooden bench that allows you to lower or lift your legs a little more.

Step 2

The correct way to do leg raises is to bend the knees. Keep your thighs perpendicular to the ground. Your calves have to be kept parallel to each other. At all times, your toes should be in the pointed position. Next, draw in your abdominal muscles towards your spine. Your shins need to remain parallel with your thighs perpendicular to your body. There should not be any gap between the floor and your lower back when you contract your abdominal muscles. Your face and eyes should face the ceiling. In case your neck and head are moving forward then lift your chin too.

Step 3

Now, you need to keep straightening your legs till you see your feet pointing directly to the ceiling. Your lower back should not arch off the ground, else you’ll end up injuring yourself.

Step 4

Start lowering your legs while keeping your back pressed straight against the floor. Your goal should be to try reaching an inch away from the base. Keep your hands in the same position and use them to offer strength and support while lowering your legs. It’s important that you keep breathing normally.

Step 5

A smarter way of doing your raises is by counting till ten, both on the way up, and down. This increases the challenge for you too. To make things more exciting, you may want to raise your feet about 20 percent off the ground, hold for a second, and keep repeating until they are as high as you can manage. Then lower your legs down with the same increments in place.

With time amd practice, you can easily ace the leg raises. All the best!

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