Make the Best of the Season by Losing Weight This Summer with These 5 Tips!

Here is Why It is Easier to Lose Weight in Summers + 5 Tips that WORK!

Summer is the best season to help you lose weight – here’s how you can achieve your fitness goals this summer!

If you’ve been trying to lose weight but have been failing at it, you’re not alone. Welcome to the league – not the league of losers, but of ‘not-quitters’! And since you won’t quit until you achieve that dream body of yours, we bring to you all the reasons why and how should be sweating it out this summer.

Before we get started, here is one important thing to bear in mind – there could be plenty of people (on and off social media) who’d tell you to be confident with your body and love it the way it is. We do not ask you to be or do any different. Love your body, be confident, but also, at the same time, be rational about being fit. It’s not new information that obesity and being overweight could not only create hindrances in your daily life – like the nuances of decreased stamina or something as simple as being able to find clothes of your size – but also lead to some serious health problems. Aim for a healthy mind that resides in a healthy body. And if this journey begins with losing weight, do not hesitate about it.

7 Reasons Why It is Easier to Lose Weight in Summer

Summer is the one season that can actually have you get up and running to achieve your weight-loss goals. Want to know how? Read on!

  • What is common between a good session of cardio, aerobics or circuit training, you ask. Sweat, it is. Your trainer tells you to put in all your efforts and let your body sweat a lot, because the more you sweat, the more you lose. And hot weather helps you do exactly that.
  • Cold winter mornings pose a huge challenge for weight-loss aspirants as the heaps of blankets and the cosy bed trap you and do not allow you to leave them. A pleasant morning in the summer season, on the other hand, makes it easier for you to jump out of the sheets and work out actively.
  • You stock up on woollens and big jackets during the cold, and are pretty glad that nobody can notice those bulges beneath a thick layer of clothes, including you. Realization hits you hard when it’s time to take off those extra layers of clothes and the flab speaks through your clothes, encouraging you more.
  • Cold weather, more often than not, causes lethargy. Summers encourage you to be more active and not laid back.
  • You drink more water when it’s hot outside. And the one rule that we’ve been reading all our lives is to include more water if you want to lose weight; because not only does water increase metabolism and makes you feel fuller, but also aids proper digestion which is very important for weight loss.
  • Not just a good quantity of water, but the heat during the summers boosts your body’s metabolism which makes it easier for you to burn calories whilst running your daily errands, too.
  • Studies reveal that as much as we all feel the urge to put in lots of food in our mouth, our body requires those extra calories from your ‘hot favourites’ to stay warm in the cold. In hot weather, our body needs more refreshing food, not to forget – with lots of water content, to stay cool; which makes you choose better options for that feeling of satiety.

7 Reasons Why It is Easier to Lose Weight in Summer

5 Ways to Lose Weight in Summer

Hot weather encourages you to stay active, and the food options available also work in your favour. So, you could make the best of both – a good diet and a good exercise regimen to shed those extra pounds that you stacked up in winter when you had lots of clothes to hide them.

  • Summer comes with a good array of refreshing fruits including watermelons, muskmelons, berries and lots more. Gorge on those guilt-free snack options or include them in your diet as smoothies, juices or fruit shots.
  • Splashing water and having fun in a pool sounds synonymous to summers. So, give your body that much-needed respite from the heat and swim your way to a fit body.

5 Ways to Lose Weight in Summer

  • Do not shy away from wearing those crop tops or short skirts. Studies reveal that wearing loose clothes leads to more weight gain since it gives you lesser chances of realizing that you need to look fit. On the other hand, wearing well-fitted and short clothes give you more occasions of being conscious of your body, and even a tad bit of extra inches gained in a span of a couple days are revealed right away. Being conscious does not require you to swing into depression, but it is always good to be aware of the state of your body at all times, so that it serves as motivation to stay fit.
  • Since we’re talking about cool drinks in hot weather, it is pertinent to mention here that you should not be tempted by ‘diet’ sodas. They give way to more fat than regular drinks. Instead, sip on fresh, healthy juices; or even better, eat the fruit since it includes fibre too.

  • We already said that water is consumed more in summer, thus helping you achieve a fitter body. Despite the hot weather, if you do not feel thirsty enough, simply set reminders for yourself to drink water at regular intervals. Hydration is one important step towards fitness.

After having done all of that, you will definitely see a positive change. But remember, being fit is not a goal that once achieved cannot be unachieved. Instead, fitness is a way of life, it is in every little choice you make when it comes to your diet or your lifestyle. So make the best of the summer season and work for that dream body!

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