Health Resolutions To Make On World Hepatitis Day

Health Resolutions To Make On World Hepatitis Day

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Hepatitis is the most common cause of liver inflammation worldwide. It claims 1.4 million lives annually around the world and 400 people live with hepatitis B or hepatitis C. To understand why is World Hepatitis Day celebrated and just what makes this significant, it is critical to know this serious illness better.

The World Health Organization celebrates 28th July of every year as World Hepatitis Day in order to raise awareness about hepatitis. This is a call for access to treatment, improved prevention programs and government action. As moms, it is imperative to understand the ill-effects of Hepatitis and keep yourself and your kids away from it. After all, prevention is better than cure!

What you Must Know About Hepatitis

  • There are five types of hepatitis namely A, B, C, D and E. While Hepatitis A is a milder version of the disease, Hepatitis D is the most severe one. They are all caused by viruses.
  • Hepatitis A is caused by consuming contaminated food or water while Hepatitis B is a sexually transmitted disease.
  • Hepatitis C is commonly spread via direct contact with the blood of a person who has the disease. A person can only become infected with Hepatitis D if they are already infected with hepatitis B. You can become infected with the hepatitis E virus (HEV) via contaminated water.
  • Hepatitis that cannot be attributed to one of the viral forms of the disease is called hepatitis X. Plus, there is another form of the disease called Hepatitis G which is caused by a specific virus (HGV).

5 Must-Take Health Resolutions on World Hepatitis Day

Practicing good hygiene is the best way to avoid catching Hepatitis. As a part of World Hepatitis Day activities, let us promise ourselves to take a few measures that can give us a disease free world.

1. I will vaccinate myself and my children against hepatitis

Currently, vaccines have been developed and successfully implemented for Hepatitis A and B. The Hepatitis B vaccine is also said prevent hepatitis D. Consult your pediatrician for a vaccination chart to protect your children from the deadly disease.

2 . I will cook with utmost care and will let my family eat only hygienic food

Certain types of the Hepatitis virus are transmitted by unhygienic food and contaminated water. Teach your kids the importance of eating of food cooked with clean water and in a clean place. Carry your own water bottles on your trips to the local restaurant and during travel. Buy packaged drinking water that is sealed properly.

World Hepatitis Day

3. I will keep myself and my family safe from disease carriers

Hepatitis can spread from one disease carrier to you. Check with your doctor or nurse to ensure that the syringes they are using are fresh ones. Do not share needles and razors or touch spilled blood, even with your close ones. Instruct your children not to mix up their toothbrushes.

4. I will maintain the best hygienic conditions at my home

Always wash your hands with soap and water after using the toilet, changing a diaper, and before preparing or eating food. Develop the habit of washing hands in young children too. Ask them to wash whenever they come home from school or play and after visiting the toilet. Wash fruits and vegetables before consuming them. Use condoms if you know your partner is infected and ask them to get vaccinated too.

5. I will get tested for Hepatitis during pregnancy

If you are tested positive for Hepatitis during pregnancy, then your unborn child needs medical attention too! If you are pregnant and have the symptoms of Hepatitis, talk to your doctor today. Depending upon the type of Hepatitis your child will be given vaccines and further treatment.

With some care and awareness, a Hepatitis-free world need not just be a far-fetched dream. Who knows, we may eventually be celebrating World Hepatitis Day as the date we completely uprooted the disease from the world!