Awesome Health Benefits of Teas and Their Types

Health in a Teacup: 5 Teas and What They do!

Drinking tea is not just meant to give you a fresh start every morning, but it also brings a great deal of health advantages. You can help combat many health issues and live a fitter life. Get set discovering the different types of teas and their benefits.

You might have never imagined how much favour you’re doing to your body by replacing your morning dose of coffee with a cuppa good health, courtesy tea. True to its reputation, this wonderful beverage has an incredible range of benefits.

Amazing Health Benefits of Different Teas

1. Green tea: The doctor in a cup

Green tea has come a long way from the time when people could hardly tell the difference between green tea and black tea. In fact, even doctors vouch for this wonder drink as it has been shown to enhance healthy cell growth, promote cognitive function, stimulate your mood and lowers the risk of diabetes and cancer. Another health benefit of green tea is that it can help you lose weight and promotes radiant skin.

2. Black tea: Back to the basics

Till date, black tea has been one of the most popular among the different types of teas. In addition to helping you kick-start your morning, there are also a number of health benefits of black tea. It promotes healthy weight loss and overall well-being with its antioxidants helping the body eliminate harmful toxins. Additionally, drinking black tea can build up a better defence against conditions like cardiac disease and diabetes.

Black tea: Back to the basics

3. Oolong tea: A delightful way to start the day

This traditional favourite in China has literally captured the world with its rich taste and incredible goodness. When asked what oolong tea tastes like, the answer is smooth and aromatic. It acts like an energy booster as it contains the highest amount of caffeine among all teas. But, the real secret of its popularity lies in oolong tea health benefits. It packs an amazing array of those, being able to give you stronger bones, clearer skin, and a healthier heart. The potent drink has been known for its anti-ageing and cholesterol-lowering benefits too.

4. White tea: The healer

White tea is known for its delicate taste and high antioxidant levels. Compared to oolong and black tea, even steeping it for many minutes doesn’t create a strong flavour. But, when it comes to the health benefits of white tea, it emerges as the best amongst the different teas. From bringing down cholesterol and blood pressure to giving you healthier teeth, bones and skin, this magical drink seems to do it all.

5. Pu-erh tea: A delicious defence

A healthy and fun way to build your immunity is by drinking Pu-erh tea. Moderate daily consumption is recommended for heart patients as well as those suffering from poor immunity. The health benefits of Pu-erh tea also include controlling blood sugar levels and improving blood circulation.

There are many different types of teas and their benefits are immense. If you really want to get on the path to better health, follow up your daily warm water-lemon-honey morning routine with a cup of tea. Take your pick from the many kinds of tea there are and love how they bring goodness to your life.

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