Reasons to Quit Comparing Yourself to Others

Habit of Comparing Yourself to Others? 5 Ways It is Stopping You from Becoming Successful!

The very act of comparing yourself with others can place you at the risk of depression and frustration. Remember, you are what you deserve to be. You will be the best you can be. Believe in these self affirmations and stop comparing yourself to others.

Comparing yourself to others is something we’re all guilty of. It takes much effort to undertake constructive comparisons–the type that foster motivation to grow and do better. Unfortunately, more often that not, comparisons can lead to self-doubt and low self-esteem. While it’s possible to break the pattern, you need to learn why it’s important to stop.

5 Reasons to Quit Comparing Yourself to Others

1. To avoid damaging yourself

‘Comparison is the death of joy’, said Mark Twain. We compare ourselves to those better or worse than us. While using people who are worse off as comparisons might provide a sense of relief, it’s just temporary. Eventually, it extends to people we think are better than us, spiralling us into a damaging state of low self-esteem, depression, envy and frustration. We fail to realize that being “better” at life is a matter of perspective.

2. To avoid living in a superficial world

Looking at things from another’s perspective is an adage we’ve heard time and again. Yet, when it comes to comparing ourselves with others, we pay little heed to this wisdom. So many times we do it based on superficial information – stories we’ve heard or things we’ve seen – without delving deep into the circumstances and causes for the same. Such comparisons are unfair, they don’t place you and the other person on the same ground.

3. It doesn’t help you achieve goals

Unless you’re the type who can take the positives from a comparison to better your life, drawing them can be time-consuming. If it leads to low self-esteem, you tend to give up and if it leads to a feeling of superiority, you tend to become complacent. Either way, it doesn’t help you reach your goals. This alone should be the strongest incentive to stop comparing yourself to others.

4. It’s a battle you’ll lose

There’ll always be someone better or worse than you, although it doesn’t mean it’ll remain so. Life is dynamic and full of chances, how you react to them is what makes you better or worse. Constantly comparing yourself to those around you takes away from your concentration and energy, making you miss out on opportunities when they arise. Instead of getting caught up in the never ending cycle of comparisons, learn to value yourself and your talents.

5. It screws up your personal benchmarks

Each of us set benchmarks for ourselves and when you compare yourself to another person, you’re doing so according to his or her judgement, not your own. Different people will see you differently at the same time. What matters most is how you see yourself. Create your own benchmarks and strive for them. Have you reached them or do they require work?

These and many more reasons are why you should stop comparing yourself to others. Each of us is unique and instead of heading down that depressing road of drawing comparisons, why not try building upon yourself in your own special way!

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