Goddess Parvati Names for Baby Girls with Meanings

Goddess Parvati is a symbol of love, strength, and kindness in Hindu stories. She is known as both a caring mother and a brave protector who keeps away bad things. As the loving partner of Lord Shiva, many parvati names reflect her special qualities. If you’re looking for a meaningful name for your baby girl, goddess Parvati names are a great choice. Each name tells a story of courage and love, offering a strong foundation for your child. For those who admire her beauty and strength, Parvathi Devi names are a special find. In this article, we’ll share some of the best names of Hindu Goddess Parvati with meanings, giving your child a name full of blessings.


Baby Girl Names Inspired by Goddess Parvati

Drawing from the rich tradition of Hindu mythology, the names of Goddess Parvati are both beautiful and meaningful. As parents-to-be explore the different names of Parvati, they often come across names that are familiar and some that are uniquely special. Among these are Parvati other names, each holding tales of love, power, and grace. Let’s read through these Parvati mata names and uncover the charm each one holds for your baby girl.

1. Abhaya

Bestowing fearlessness, her blessings protect her devotees from harm and insecurities.


2. Achyuta

Unchanging and eternal, she stands as a pillar of stability, assurance, and permanence.

3. Adi-shakti

The primal energy, she’s the source and essence of all cosmic power and creation.


4. Amba

Mother of the universe, her nurturing love sustains all of creation and its beings.


5. Ambika

Mother and protector, she watches over all with a gaze full of love and compassion.


6. Annapurna

Provider of food and nourishment, her generosity ensures sustenance for all.


7. Aparna

Undertaker of severe penance, her dedication signifies unparalleled devotion.


8. Aradhya

Worthy of worship, her divine presence draws devotees near, instilling reverence.

9. Ardhanarishwari

A fusion of Shiva and Shakti, she exemplifies the perfect balance and union of male and female energies.


10. Bhairavi

A fierce form of Shakti, she stands as a symbol of ultimate power and destruction of evil.

11. Bhavani

The giver of life, her energy breathes life into the universe, fostering growth and prosperity.


12. Bhudevi

Goddess of the earth, she provides sustenance, resources, and a foundation for life.

13. Brahmacharini

One who observes the state of celibacy, she exemplifies discipline and dedication.


14. Bindiya

A dot on the forehead, representing the third eye, her insight pierces through the veil of illusion.

15. Chandi

Embodiment of power, her presence signifies the might of divine feminine energy.


16. Chhaya

Symbolizing shadow, she reflects the duality of light and darkness in life.

17. Dakshayani

Daughter of Daksha, her devotion and sacrifice are tales of legendary commitment.

18. Durga

The invincible one, she protects her devotees from harm and eradicates evil with her might.

19. Dhumavati

Representing the smoky form, she stands for the void and desolation post destruction.


20. Gauri

The radiant one, her luminance dispels darkness and ignorance.

21. Haimavati

Daughter of the Himalayas, she signifies endurance, strength, and unwavering resolve.


22. Harini

Resembling a deer, her grace and gentleness inspire devotion and love.

23. Indrani

Consort of Indra, her celestial energy brings blessings and protection.


24. Jagadamba

Mother of the world, her boundless love encompasses all beings, ensuring their well-being.

25. Jagatjanani

The one who gives birth to the world, she is the creative force behind all existence.

26. Jaya

Symbol of victory, she ensures success and triumph over challenges.

27. Jyoti

Symbolizing light and brightness, she illuminates the path to truth and wisdom.


28. Jwala

Manifestation of flames, her fiery nature consumes impurity and transforms.

29. Kali

The fierce and powerful destroyer of evil, she represents time and change.


30. Kamala

Another form of Lakshmi, she resides in the lotus symbolizing beauty and prosperity.

31. Kamakshi

With loving eyes, she bestows desires and fulfills the wishes of the devoted.


32. Kamalatmika

Residing in a lotus, she signifies purity and spiritual enlightenment.

33. Kanakadurga

Goddess of wealth, she showers her devotees with prosperity and abundance.


34. Kanyakumari

The virgin goddess, her innocence and purity inspire virtue in all.

35. Kapalini

Bearer of the skull, she signifies the transient nature of life.

36. Karunamayi

Full of compassion, her boundless love heals and comforts all.

37. Katyayani

Born to sage Katyayan, her divine grace protects and upholds righteousness.

38. Kaushiki

Emerging from the sheath of Goddess Parvati, she symbolizes the ultimate force of nature.

39. Komalangi

Delicate and tender, she embodies love, grace, and elegance.

40. Khyati

Goddess of fame, her blessings ensure that one’s deeds and virtues are celebrated.

41. Kriya

The force of action, she drives the cycle of creation, preservation, and destruction.

42. Kumaripriya

Lover of the young and innocent, she showers blessings upon the pure-hearted.

43. Kundalini

The coiled energy, she represents the dormant spiritual force within all beings.

44. Kratika

Symbolizing dedication, she inspires determination and unwavering focus.

45. Lakshmi

Goddess of wealth and prosperity, her presence brings fortune and abundance.

46. Lalita

Playful and charming, she enchants her devotees with her divine beauty and grace.

47. Lalitambika

The playful mother, she showers her affection in varied forms and moods.

48. Matangi

The outcaste goddess, she stands for power that lies in the unconventional and unique.

49. Mahagauri

The great white goddess, her radiance dispels darkness and ignorance.

50. Mahamaya

The great illusion, she represents the mysteries and complexities of the cosmos.

51. Maha Kali

The supreme form of Kali, her power transcends all, signifying ultimate transformation.

52. Maha Lakshmi

The grandeur form of Lakshmi, her blessings ensure opulence and grand prosperity.

53. Maha Saraswati

The supreme form of knowledge, she illuminates minds with wisdom and creativity.

54. Maheshwari

Consort of Lord Shiva, she represents supreme power and cosmic balance.

55. Mangala

Symbol of auspiciousness, her presence ensures positive outcomes and good fortune.

56. Manonmani

The goddess of the mind, she bestows clarity, focus, and inner peace.

57. Meenakshi

With fish-shaped eyes, her gaze is vast, encompassing all of creation.

58. Mookambika

The silent mother, her quiet strength and wisdom guide her devotees to enlightenment.

59. Mohini

The enchantress, her allure captivates and ensnares the senses.

60. Nanda

Symbolizing joy and happiness, she fills the hearts of her devotees with bliss.

61. Narayani

The divine consort of Narayan (Vishnu), she signifies love, devotion, and eternal companionship.

62. Navadurga

The nine forms of Durga, she represents various facets of power and grace.

63. Nidra

Goddess of sleep, she governs rest, dreams, and the subconscious realm.

64. Nirriti

Signifying adversity, her challenges push individuals towards growth and evolution.

65. Padmavati

Seated on a lotus, she embodies purity, beauty, and spiritual wealth.

66. Parvati

Daughter of the mountain, she stands for love, devotion, and asceticism.

67. Prakriti

The primal nature, she is the essence of all creation and its inherent qualities.

68. Pritivi

Symbolizing the earth, her nurturing nature supports and sustains all life.

69. Ratnavali

The jewel garlanded one, her beauty is resplendent and unparalleled.

70. Radha

The beloved of Krishna, her love and devotion are unparalleled in its intensity.

71. Rajarajeshwari

The queen of queens, she rules with benevolence, grace, and supreme power.

72. Ramani

The enchanting beauty, her charm captivates the hearts of all.

73. Rukmini

Consort of Lord Krishna, she signifies devotion, love, and purity.

74. Rudrani

Consort of Rudra (Shiva), she shares in his fierce and transformative nature.

75. Riddhi

Goddess of prosperity, her presence ensures growth, success, and abundance.

76. Sati

The embodiment of loyalty and chastity, she stands as a testament to the power of devotion.

77. Savitri

Bearer of the life-giving sun, she illuminates the world with energy and vitality.

78. Saubhagya

Symbolizing good fortune, her blessings bring luck, happiness, and prosperity.

79. Shailaputri

Daughter of the mountains, her steadfastness provides strength and support.

80. Shakti

The divine feminine power, she fuels the universe with energy and force.

81. Shanti

Embodiment of peace, she instills calmness, harmony, and serenity.

82. Sharada

The giver of knowledge, her wisdom enlightens minds and dispels ignorance.

83. Sharvani

Consort of Lord Shiva, she shares his powers of destruction and regeneration.

84. Shivaduti

Emissary of Shiva, she carries forth his divine will and cosmic plans.

85. Shodashi

The goddess of sixteen, she signifies perfection and completeness.

86. Shulini

Bearer of the trident, she wields power, destruction, and transformation.

87. Shyama

The dark-hued goddess, her depth embodies the mysteries of the cosmos.

88. Siddhidatri

Giver of supernatural powers, her blessings bestow extraordinary abilities upon her devotees.

89. Siddhida

Bestower of accomplishments, her grace leads to the realization of goals and desires.

90. Sita

Embodiment of virtue and righteousness, her life exemplifies moral integrity.

91. Simhavahini

Riding the lion, her regal and commanding presence eradicates evil.

92. Skandamata

Mother of Skanda (Kartikeya), her protective nature shields her devotees from harm.

93. Sureshi

Goddess of the gods, her supremacy reigns over the celestial realms.

94. Sudevi

The noble goddess, she exemplifies righteousness, virtue, and honor.

95. Sundari

The beautiful one, her divine form is a source of joy and inspiration.

96. Svaha

Used in Vedic rituals, she represents the offering and surrender to the divine.

97. Swadha

Payable to ancestors, her blessings ensure lineage, legacy, and continuation.

98. Tara

The guiding star, her light shows the path to enlightenment and divine wisdom.

99. Tripura

The three cities, her dominion encompasses the physical, astral, and causal realms.

100. Tripurasundari

Beauty of the three worlds, her splendor is unmatched across the cosmos.

101. Trishakti

Combining three powers, she symbolizes the union of creation, preservation, and destruction.

102. Uma

Light of the Himalayas, her radiance embodies purity, serenity, and spiritual power.

103. Udyama

Embodying effort, her spirit inspires action, perseverance, and progress.

104. Ujjayini

Symbolizing victory, her blessings ensure triumph over challenges and adversaries.

105. Vaishnavi

Consort of Lord Vishnu, she embodies love, devotion, and cosmic balance.

106. Vaishali

Representing abundance, her presence ensures prosperity and grandeur.

107. Varahi

Bearer of the boar form, her strength uproots evil and restores dharma.

108. Varuni

Goddess of wine, she symbolizes joy, celebration, and life’s intoxicating moments.

109. Vindhyavasini

Residing in the Vindhya mountains, her presence bestows blessings and protection.

110. Vishalakshi

The wide-eyed goddess, her vision encompasses all, granting insight and clarity.

111. Vimarsha

Symbolizing reflection, she offers insights, introspection, and deeper understanding.

112. Viroopa

Master of many forms, she showcases the diversity and expanse of the divine.

113. Vishwamohini

Enchantress of the universe, her allure binds creation in a spellbinding dance.

114. Yashasvini

Symbol of fame and glory, she bestows recognition and honor upon her devotees.

115. Yogini

Master of spiritual disciplines, she guides seekers on the path to enlightenment.

Throughout Hindu mythology, different names of Goddess Parvati highlight her many roles and stories. These other names of Goddess Parvati represent her powerful nature and essence. When parents are looking for meaningful names, Parvati names for baby girl are a popular choice because they carry history and spiritual significance. By exploring Parvati’s all names, we get a deeper understanding of her importance in the culture and faith. Maa Parvati names offer a rich tapestry of stories, making them more than just names; they connect generations and hold tales of love, strength, and devotion.

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