Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

Give Your Vacuum Cleaner The Attention It Deserves

Among the various gadgets used in a house, a vacuum cleaner is of prime importance. But when it comes to maintenance, most people tend to overlook it. Cleaning a vacuum cleaner hose, brush and filter can increase its efficiency and longevity. Let’s find out how.

When you go on a cleaning spree, it’s the vacuum cleaner that acts as your cleaning companion. It helps you get access to hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. What do you do for it in return? The most you can do is to ensure it remains in good working condition. It’s not hard to take care of and it takes very little time.

How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner in a Few Easy Steps

1. Unplug it

Once you’ve set aside some time to tend to your cleaning companion, the first thing you need to do is switch it off and unplug it from the power socket. This is extremely important for your safety since you’ll be fiddling with the components.

2. Empty The Dust Bag

When you vacuum, all the dust and dirt are sucked and stored in a dust bag. Check it periodically to see if it’s full. Most vacuum cleaners have a dust bag full indicator though it’s always good practice to examine the bag for damage in any case. Remove it as part of your vacuum cleaner maintenance and change it (if it’s disposable) or wash it (if it isn’t).

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3. Clean The Brushes

Vacuum cleaner nozzles contain brushes that are hidden within a latch. This latch is easy to remove. Once done, you can easily clean the brushes. Remove all the dirt stuck to them. In case you come across tangled hair or string or fibre, cut them off carefully using a pair of scissors. Make sure the brushes are thoroughly cleaned before reinstalling them and reattaching the latch. You can also check the belts attached to the brush for damage.

4. Clean The Vacuum Cleaner Hose

The dirt that a vacuum cleaner sucks in has to travel through a hose to reach the dust bag. After a time, all that muck gets stuck to the hose walls and needs to be cleaned. You can easily do this using a handle of a broom. Just push it through the opening of the hose to dislodge any trapped debris. Avoid using sharp objects, however, as they could damage the hose.

5. Clean The Filter

Most vacuum cleaners have inbuilt filters. When cleaning your machine, it’s important that you pay special attention to them. Remove the cover of the filter and take it out. Shake off all the excess dirt and dust. Once done, clean the filter properly. If it’s the washable kind, just pop it into water and some detergent. Air-dry it thoroughly before fixing it back into the machine. If you see any kind of damage, it’s a sign that it needs to be replaced.

If you’ve been stalling catering to your cleaner, these tips to clean vacuum cleaners will help you get things done in a jiffy. Go ahead and make your machine happy by giving it a good cleaning!

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