Easy Tips to Declutter & Clean Basement Storage Areas

Give your Store Room And Basement a Makeover

Looking for tips to clean the basement storage areas? Look no further than these simple DIY methods that’ll create more space, redefine the look and make your storage areas all the more functional. Yes, it’s time to give a makeover to your attic, garage and even that store room.

When was the last time you restored something to its original place from your basement? Chances are that you’ve not given those extra tables, clothesline, or toys a second look after dumping them in tucked storage areas. Along with giving you additional space for more such extras, your attic, garage or basement requires a makeover for hygiene purposes too.

Tips on Cleaning a Basement

1. Purge the basement

Decluttering the basement areas is a task that overwhelms you right from its very thought. Right? You start thinking of years of clutter that’ll have to be reshuffled and reorganised. But once done, you can look forward to more space for movement and finding the things that you may need in a hurry. Start with the larger items, chest, furniture and other things that can be stacked along the walls. Then, arrange your suitcases, tools, books, lamps, vases and all other breakables on or around it.

2. Get rid of things

One of the best tips related to how to clean store room in home relates to trashing, giving away, or recycling the items that have remained untouched for the past couple of years. If you’ve not remembered these items so far, you’ll probably not require them in the next few years too. Decluttering helps in removing unused kitchen ware, clothes that fit you no longer, moth eaten albums, old versions of textbooks, non-functional home-office appliances, and a few other things which you are sure not to miss!


3. Keep bags and give-away boxes handy

Cleaning a basement makes you go up and down the stairs with give-away objects, things that are ready to be trashed, and wares that you ‘feel’ may come in handy once again sometime in life. Keep large sized bags, paper cartons and other throw-away bags for the purpose of lugging their weight upstairs. Try it; it helps!

4. How to organise a basement storage area:

First, scan the things that are gathering dust and have not been stored carefully. If you have cared less about packing them the proper way, chances are that you’ll not need them around your home anymore. Then, move on to the unlabelled boxes that have probably not been opened in years. Consolidate whatever you can and get rid of all obvious clutter.

5. Memorabilia? That’s the hardest part!

With digitized images, pen drives, scanned pictures, etc. being an order of the day, you may start thinking about all that you can do with your old photographs, albums, scrapbooks, or framed pictures that are yellowing rapidly. Whenever you have free time on hand, start scanning these pictures to make them more meaningful and useful. What more? You’ll get to see them whenever you wish!

Overflowing storage areas packed with craft supplies, out-of-season (and fit) clothes, broken sports equipment, and a lot more are best cleaned out twice in a year.This calls for greater efficiency, less accidents, and enhanced longevity of your stacked valuables—and in many more ways than one!

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