Unladylike Things All Women Do

Girls will be Girls – 5 Things all Women Do!

Women are expected to be at their best all the time. The pressure can be a little overwhelming. There are things that are unladylike, which you may be guilty of committing once in a while. Don’t be embarrassed. In fact, you should develop a thick skin and ignore the criticism!

The world will look down on you for not being ‘ladylike’ Will that stop you from doing what you want? Guess not! Here are some ‘unladylike’ things that you do that draw society’s ire! You might even be guilty of being a repeat offender. But who cares?

5 ‘Unladylike’ Things Women Do

1. Makeup no-no

One of the most wrecked things a girl can do is to wear makeup to bed. That is not the worst part. Some women also wear the same makeup the next day as well! Surprised? Not really, right? It’s possible that you have done this at least once in your life. Putting on makeup is hard work; why shouldn’t you recycle your look? Among the common things that are unladylike, this is the most tempting!

2. Urinating in public

You can’t really be choosy when nature calls. It becomes a problem for women if there are no facilities around. Some ladies display ‘unladylike’ behaviour by peeing behind bushes or squatting in a parking lot. It’s all about improvising. You’ll not be judged, ladies!The ‘no-shave’ attitude

3. The ‘no-shave’ attitude

Sometimes you just feel like going on strike and refusing to shave. At other times, you take a short cut and only shave the parts that will be visible! Why shave the legs when you’re going to be wearing jeans all day? Don’t feel guilty about not shaving. Some of the most adorable, furry animals don’t shave! You’ll do fine. This is definitely among the top unladylike things every woman sometimes does.

4. The body odour ‘sniff’

Forgot to spray perfume on a hot day? Good luck maintaining your aura of freshness! While all women sweat, not wearing perfume can make matters worse. You need to check for bad body odour every once in a while to avoid an embarrassing situation. When a bad smell surfaces, you have no option but to raise those arms and smell them! Hey, guys do it too, why can’t we?

5. Commando Situation

While going commando could be sensual when visiting your man, it could be embarrassing in other situations. Suffering from a case of ‘no-clean-underwear’? You probably have had to go to work with no bra on! While some women might find it sexy, others find it downright disgusting in a helpless situation. A working woman might not have the time to do laundry every day. Ladies, you have to do without underwear protection sometimes- think about those bandage dresses, how else are you to wear them?

Sometimes, letting your hair down and being ‘unladylike’ can be liberating. The trick is to laugh at yourself and forget about what others may say. There will be many situations that’ll demand ‘ladylike’ behaviour. But for now, don’t worry about what the haters have to say. Live large, ladies!

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