12 Best Clean-up Songs For Children With Video

Get Cleaning Easy With Best Clean-up Songs for Kids

Cleaning up after your kid’s mess is not always an easy task, especially when they love scattering their toys, books, and whatnot all over the house. Wondering how to make your kids help around the house while simultaneously making it engaging? Songs! Your kids can pick and clean up while dancing along to the tunes.

All Time Best Clean-up Songs for Children

Here are some popular clean-up songs for children, to which they can dance along. Let us know what you think!

1. Clean-up Song by “CoComelon”

Produced by CoComelon, this clean-up song has burrowed itself into the hearts of many kids, helping them to sway to the music and tidy up their space. This CoComelon clean-up song speaks volumes about the necessity of cleaning up a “big giant mess.”

2. Clean-up Song by “Dora the Explorer”

Dora the Explorer has always been a favorite among toddlers, and a Dora clean-up song is sure to invigorate their spirits. This classic emphasizes doing things together like cleaning as a group, thereby teaching them the value of team spirit.

3. Clean-up Song by “Mr. Steve and Miss Katie”

Inspired by their kids, Mr. Steve and Miss Katie compose songs with profound values at a preschool level. Grown-ups, along with their kids, can get into the fun of spring cleaning by swaying to the beat of this preschool clean-up song.

4. Clean-up Song by “The Singing Walrus”

Known for its interactive lyrics, The Singing Walrus has once again proved their effectiveness in children. This particular clean-up time song even has intentional pauses wherein both parents/teachers and children can chime in to sing, “It’s time to tidy up.”

5. Clean-up Song by “Shawn Brown”

Available on Spotify, this clean-up song composed by Shawn Brown gives off an early 90’s hip-hop vibe. This peppy tune is sure to get your kids on their feet and start cleaning up.

6. 5 Minute Clean-up Song with Countdown by “Plexkits”

Perfect for the kids not to get distracted while cleaning, Plexkits provides you with a countdown along with the song. This can also improve your child’s task efficiency.

7. Tidy Up Rhumba Song by “Musical Playground”

Cleaning will turn into a fun affair for your kids once you amp up the speakers for this rumba song by the Musical Playground. This salsa-fronted clean-up time song not just gives a fast beat but also tells the children the why’s and how’s of tidying up their space.

8. Llama Llama Clean-up Song by “Penguin Kids”

This Llama Llama Clean-up song, with its rhythmic beat, prioritizes doing work together and having fun simultaneously. Anna Dewdney uses repetition and simple language to make the song much more fun for toddlers and preschoolers.

9. Clean-up Song by “Saddleback Kids”

The clean-up song by the Saddleback Kids promotes enthusiasm through their music and sends across a note of encouragement for having done the task promptly. This catchy tune is sure to get your kids cleaning up their space with much delight.

10.Clean Up the Room by “Toddler Tunes”

Produced by Toddler Tunes, Clean Up the Room tells about how cleaning is a fun activity for the kids rather than making it all about work. Parents can employ similar methods when it comes to helping the kids do something by themselves.

11. Clean-up Song by “The Kiboomers”

Toddlers love the simplicity of sounds and the repetition of words in the song, making it a favorite. You can also introduce the concept of organizing and cleaning up their messes during this stage.

12. Clear Up Flash by “Hooray Kids Songs and Nursery Rhymes”

Clear Up Flash by Hooray Kids can be played, especially during springtime cleaning season. A family song talks about giving children incentives and encouragement whenever children finish up with their tasks.

Picking up and cleaning can be taught to children as a fun event rather than as a responsibility. Make sure that you break down the tasks for the kids according to their age level and capacity.

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