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Gandhi Jayanti Speech for Students and Children in English

Hello, young learners! Every 2nd of October, India celebrates a special day – Gandhi Jayanti. It’s a day to honor and remember the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, the pioneer of India’s freedom journey. Today, let’s dive into a Gandhi Jayanti speech that enlightens and informs. For those who’ve been looking forward to a Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti speech in English or eager to understand more about the 2 October Gandhi Jayanti speech, you’re in the right place.


10 Lines Speech on Mahatma Gandhi

For those wanting a Gandhi Jayanti speech in English with 10 lines or to grasp the essence of 10 lines on Gandhi Jayanti, let’s delve deeper. Mahatma Gandhiji, the “Father of the Nation,” taught that the mightiest weapon isn’t aggression, but a compassionate heart. Ready for a Mahatma Gandhi speech in English within 10 lines? This is your gateway to the Gandhi Jayanti speech for class 1 and so on.

  1. Mahatma Gandhi’s birth on 2nd October 1869 marked history.

  2. A beacon of peace, truth, and non-violence, he led from the front.

  3. Through ‘Satyagraha’, he showed the might of truth and patience.

  4. His Dandi March was a peaceful protest against British salt laws.

  5. Because of his guidance, India today enjoys the fruits of freedom.

  6. He championed simplicity, evident in his choice of hand-spun attire.

  7. For Gandhi, the spinning wheel was more than a tool, it was a philosophy.

  8. His principles continue to inspire countless souls globally.

  9. Celebrated worldwide, his messages of peace remain unmatched.

  10. Every 2 October Gandhi Jayanti, we’re reminded of his unwavering spirit.

“Concluding, always remember that Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy isn’t just about the past. It’s a torch that lights our path today and always. If ever you need a 1-2 minute speech on Mahatma Gandhi in English, or even ten lines about Mahatma Gandhi, reflect upon these lines and let his wisdom shine through.”


Short Speech on Gandhi Jayanti for Kids

For our younger school students, especially those in the lower primary grades, who are keen on delivering a short speech on Mahatma Gandhi, we’ve tailored two samples just for you. These Mahatma Gandhi short speeches in English for students are concise, ranging between 200-300 words, ensuring they’re both engaging and easy to remember. Let’s explore them!

Short Speech 1

Dear friends,

Whenever I think about peace and truth, one name instantly resonates: Mahatma Gandhi. Born on 2nd October, we celebrate his ideals and life every year through Gandhi Jayanti. More than a remembrance, this day calls us to embrace his values of non-violence and honesty.


Mahatma Gandhi showcased that genuine transformation arises not from aggression, but through compassion and mutual respect. His vision steered India to independence, powered not by weapons but by sheer will and peaceful defiance.


In today’s rapidly advancing world, it becomes even more vital to recollect his teachings. As we navigate our lives, let’s endeavor to radiate kindness, uphold truth, and champion what’s just. Today, let’s salute this luminous spirit and vow to uphold the principles he so ardently championed.


Short Speech 2

Hello everyone,

This morning, I wish to share about a beacon of hope and resilience: Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi Jayanti, celebrated on 2nd October, isn’t just a date but a testament to this great man’s enduring legacy.


He wasn’t merely a freedom fighter; he embodied hope. He engrained in us that victories are sweeter when achieved with patience and peace. Through non-violence, he illustrated that true power lies in gentleness and conviction.


As we confront daily adversities, let’s draw inspiration from Gandhi’s teachings. By fostering peace, love, and unity, we don’t merely remember him; we strive for a harmonious world.


Each small action we take has the power to reshape our world. Just as Mahatma Gandhi once profoundly expressed, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Delivering a short speech on Gandhi Jayanti is meaningful, but truly imbibing the values and essence found in every small speech on Mahatma Gandhi is how we genuinely honor his teachings in our everyday lives.


Long Speech on Gandhi Jayanti in 400-600 Words

“Dear students and children, immerse yourselves in the profound wisdom of Bapu through this Gandhi Ji speech. Embrace the teachings and legacy in this English speech on Mahatma Gandhi, tailored just for our budding leaders.”

Gandhi Jayanti Speech 1

Respected Principal sir/maam, teachers, and my dear friends, today we are assembled here to remember and commemorate a beacon of peace, the Father of our Nation – Mahatma Gandhi. As India marks Gandhi Ji’s 154th birth anniversary, it’s an honor to walk you through his journey.


Born in Porbandar, Gujarat, in 1869, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is widely recognized as Mahatma Gandhi. His legacy is so profound that 2nd October isn’t just celebrated in India but is also recognized by the UN as the ‘International Day of Non-Violence’. The moniker ‘Mahatma’, signifying ‘the one with a grand soul’, was aptly bestowed upon him by the legendary Rabindranath Tagore.

From his early days as a barrister in South Africa, where he fought against racial discrimination, to his return to India, Gandhi Ji was determined to combat injustice. He became a pivotal figure in the Indian National Congress, initiating groundbreaking movements like the Champaran Satyagraha in 1917 and later, the Dandi March and Quit India Movement. His principle of Ahimsa, or non-violence, wasn’t just a political strategy but a philosophy he lived by.


His simple living, adorned in self-spun Khadi, was a testament to his belief in self-reliance and indigenous products. Apart from the fight for freedom, Gandhi Ji was a staunch advocate against social evils, pushing for women empowerment, supporting farmers, and championing Hindu-Muslim unity. His life’s motto, ‘My life is my message’, resonates with us even today.

On this day, our leaders, including our honorable Prime Minister and President, pay homage at Raj Ghat in Delhi. Schools and institutions nationwide commemorate his legacy with various programs. As we remember Gandhi Ji, let us pledge to imbibe his teachings of non-violence, truth, and harmony in our lives.

Jai Hind!

Thank You


Gandhi Jayanti Speech 2

Honorable Principal, esteemed guests, revered teachers, and my dear fellow students,

Today, as we congregate in this hall, we pay homage to a visionary who not only led India to its much-desired freedom but also gifted the world a philosophy imbued with truth and non-violence. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, affectionately known as Bapu, is not just a historical figure; he is a beacon of hope, a symbol of perseverance, and a testament to the indomitable human spirit.


In the coastal town of Porbandar, 1869, Gujarat, the young Mohandas was as ordinary as any of us. But it was his experiences, both in India and abroad, especially in South Africa, that shaped his convictions, molding him into the Mahatma – the great soul. It’s these convictions that taught us the power of peaceful dissent, of Satyagraha, and of the belief that in the heart of all human beings, there resides an inherent sense of good.

But why, after so many years of his passing, do we still find the teachings of Gandhiji relevant? The world today is starkly different from the one he lived in. Yet, the core principles he advocated for are timeless.


In a world grappling with intolerance and discrimination, his unyielding stand against all forms of prejudice resonates strongly. At a time when he could’ve chosen to be bitter against those who oppressed based on color or caste, he chose love, understanding, and reconciliation. He dreamt of an India where all its citizens, irrespective of caste, creed, or religion, lived in harmony. This dream, in today’s diverse and often divided world, stands as a goal we should all strive towards.

Furthermore, as our planet faces unprecedented challenges, Gandhiji’s emphasis on sustainable living is more pertinent than ever. His life was a testament to minimalism. He believed in consuming only what was necessary. Today, as we deal with climate change and environmental degradation, adopting a Gandhian approach to consumption could very well be the solution we seek.

Another of his invaluable teachings was that of self-reliance. At a time when India was under colonial rule, he championed the cause of the indigenous industry, urging people to wear Khadi, to spin their own yarn. This wasn’t just a protest against foreign goods but a call to every individual to be self-sustaining, to believe in their own potential.

Furthermore, in today’s era of rapid digital communication where misunderstandings proliferate at the click of a button, Gandhiji’s commitment to truthful communication is a lesson for all. His regular writings, be it in ‘Harijan’ or ‘Young India’, always aimed at spreading truth and fostering understanding among communities.


To sum up, the life of Mahatma Gandhi stands as a testament to the power of will, the strength of conviction, and the potential of the individual to bring about meaningful change. His journey, from being the young, unsure Mohandas to becoming the Mahatma, is a journey each of us can undertake in our own capacities. As we remember him today, let’s pledge to imbibe and inculcate his teachings, to be the change we wish to see, and to create a world that he would be proud of.

Thank you.



1. What is a good way to initiate a speech?

One can begin by introducing the core idea or by sharing a relevant quote. This not only sets the tone but also engages the audience right from the start.

2. How can you enhance the impact of your speech?

To amplify the effectiveness of your speech, keep it concise, use relatable anecdotes, maintain a clear structure, and employ vocal variations to emphasize key points. Additionally, interactive elements like questions can engage the audience.


3. How many years of Gandhi Jayanti celebrations does 2023 represent?

The year 2023 marks 154th years of Gandhi Jayanti celebrations since Mahatma Gandhi’s birth in 1869.

4. Can you list some prominent freedom movements led by Mahatma Gandhi?

Some of the major movements initiated by Mahatma Gandhi include the Non-Cooperation Movement, the Salt March or Dandi March, and the Quit India Movement.


5. What are some key themes to touch upon in a Gandhi Jayanti speech?

In a Gandhi Jayanti speech, one can discuss Gandhi’s philosophy of non-violence, his contribution to India’s freedom struggle, and his enduring impact on global peace and justice movements.

6. How to incorporate Gandhi’s teachings in a modern-day speech?

One can draw parallels between current global challenges and Gandhi’s principles, emphasizing the relevance of his teachings on non-violence, truth, and harmony in today’s context.

7. What are some of the most famous slogans associated with Mahatma Gandhi?

Mahatma Gandhi slogans that are closely associated with him include:

  • “Satyameva Jayate” (Truth Alone Triumphs)
  • “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

In delivering a speech about Gandhiji in English, we don’t just remember a historical figure, but we embrace timeless values of truth, non-violence, and perseverance. His teachings, transcending generations, serve as a guiding light, urging us to be agents of positive change in our world today.

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