How to Seduce Your Husband Using Zodiac Fragrances

Follow his Scent-sign to Woo Him

The Egyptians and Indians alike have always known about scents that seduce men. Now, you can make this love potion doubly potent by using the power of zodiac fragrance on your guy. Spray generously and he’ll never know what hit him!

You check his horoscope daily to make sure his day goes smoothly. Besides fate, his zodiac can also teach you a thing or two about the scents that turn him on. Yes! You heard that right! You’ve always known that there are some scents that have him sniffing the air (so to say) appreciatively. Well, now you know the reason. Get set to learn how to woo your husband using zodiac fragrances and get him in the mood for some love.

Choosing a Perfume by Zodiac Sign to Woo Him

1. Aries

The bold and aggressive Ram likes seizing the moment with both hands. Spicy and oriental scents hit the right note with these impressive individuals. You can truly try your Aries man’s patience by wearing something sexy and splashing on something spicy and bold. Carpe Diem baby!

2. Taurus

The bull-headed Taureans are attracted by warm earthy or woody fragrances. The oriental notes are also scents that seduce men of this zodiac. You can try experimenting with some floral scents, but definitely avoid fruity ones like rose or vanilla.

3. Gemini

The dual personality of the Gemini man is easily seduced by the flirtatious notes of fruity or lemony scents. They are ones who believe in mixing things up, so you can go wild trying any of the seductive perfumes for women you’ve been either told about or read about in a magazine.

4. Cancer

The melancholic and emotional crab likes soothing scents that make them feel comfortable. The romantic side of them finds the floral notes of jasmine, vanilla, white musk and sandalwood very appealing. Looking for perfumes that drive men crazy? Then go for fragrances that are light yet sophisticated enough to engage these sensual men.

5. Leo

The larger-than-life approach of the Leo is matched by the dramatic overtones in the scents. Honestly speaking, the fancier the name and packaging, the more they will like it. Still, when picking a scent to tame the lion you can never go wrong with a floral or fruity perfume.


6. Virgo

The perfectionist, the zodiac fragrances for these men must be clean and fresh. They like subtle and sensual notes over strong scents. Pick up earthy perfumes to seduce your Virgo man.

7. Libra

The one-of-a-kind Libran likes a balance in everything even their choice of fragrances! They like soft and cheerful notes over strong ones. So, if you’re really trying to impress him, choose perfumes that have a sensual undertone.

8. Scorpio

Ignite the exotic passion of the Scorpion using seductive floral scents. They are mysterious and the spicy notes of black pepper or the earthy ones of musk and chocolate are sure to get them raring to go. You can also add in a dash of exotic by splashing on some lotus or jasmine scents.

9. Sagittarius

Just like their sign says, the Archer prefers perfumes that are not messy. A fresh and natural scent hits the bulls’ eye for them. You could try the energizing notes of cherry blossoms, ginger, white tea or even melon to drive them into a tizzy!

10. Capricorn

The goats like to take things nice and slow. Anything that’s completely in-your-face is bound to not find favor with them. Stick to the warm and earthy scents of honeysuckle, green tea or warm woods and you’re good to go!

11. Aquarius

The quirky water-bearer is not easily pleased with the tried and tested methods. You need to do something unconventional to catch their attention. Choose lotus leaves, sweet vanilla or crispy citrus scents to create that unique fragrance that would be hard to resist!

12. Pisces

The dreamy fish is always lost in a world of their own. The sound and smell of the ocean attracts them. Look for soft scents with unusual oceanic or liquor notes and get set to bedazzle your partner.

Now that you’ve unlocked the secret of the zodiac fragrances, let the aroma work their magic! A spritz of the magical stuff and you’ll have your man following you around town.

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