10 Feng Shui Tips That Bring Positive Energy in Home

Feng Shui Tips to Make Your Home Healthier and Happier

The ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui has gained immense popularity worldwide. Getting started with Feng Shui for the home is really easy. Here is how you do it.

What Is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is an ancient art and a science that originated in China over 3000 years ago. The meaning of Feng is “wind”, and Shui means “water”. According to Chinese culture, water and wind represent good health. Thus, good fortune comes from good feng shui. Sometimes, it is also thought to be an art. This art of placement understands how objects and spaces around you affect your life in many ways. Its body of knowledge teaches how to harmonise and balance the energies in the available spaces at home, garden, or your office.

Feng Shui Tips to Invite Good Energy in Your Home

Good fortune comes in so many different forms – a successful career, better health, or fulfilling life. This is why this practice includes tips in details in many areas of our lives.

1. Use the Front Door

There are so many people that get into their homes through their back door after driving up into their garage. Though this method is really convenient, from the perspective of feng shui, this limits the arrival of opportunities and good energy in your life because the chi is represented by the entry door that enters your home, and thus, your life. So, at least once a week use the front door. The more you do it, the better! Just open and close it when you do regular activities like getting the mail or taking a walk.

use the front door

2. Fix Those Squeaks

The entry door of your home is the last and the first thing you deal with when going or coming from your home. Does it squeak or make noise when you close or open it? This sound will be like your door is crying and this has a chance to affect your well-being and mood. Many people do not notice it because they have become so used to the noise. The solution is to oil the door and spread the positive energy when you leave and enter your home. You could also oil all the other doors if they squeak, but the entry door is the most important of them all.

3. The Feng Shui Fountain

In feng shui, water represents wealth. Many people do not have any idea about where the best place to place the feng shui fountain is. The principles of feng shui for a happy home believe that it is more advantageous when the fountain is near the main entrance of your home. It could either be outside or inside your home, but the water should flow towards the centre of the house which is very important. The meaning of this is that just like this water, opportunities will flow into your life.

feng shui fountain

4. Plants on the Kitchen Cabinets

Go to your kitchen and take a look at the cabinets. Check if they are soffit or built up the ceiling. If there is no space between your kitchen cabinets and ceiling, it’s still good feng shui according to feng shui house design rules. If there are empty spaces above the cabinets, then it attracts dust, and the whole energy is stagnant. The chi encourages dead energy as it gets stuck there, which might pull you back in life. So if there is space, place some green plants and lighting! The plants could be live or very realistic. You could also place some beautiful or meaningful objects, thus bringing life to that area transforming the entire energy.

5. Close Those Bathroom Doors

When it comes to feng shui, so many people are concerned about their bathrooms. The basic idea here is that water is always flowing inside your home. Since water is a representation of wealth, we do not want wealth to be flushed away. Though water does come back after it is drained, it is better if you always keep the toilet seat cover down. Also, close the bathroom door to reduce this effect.

close the bathroom doors

6. The Location of Your Bed

In feng shui, when it comes to locating important furniture like your bed, the “commanding position” is used. To place in the commanding position, the bed is the most important piece of furniture since you will be spending so many hours sleeping on it. So, to place this bed in the commanding position make sure you are facing the door when the bed is not in line with the door when you lie on it. The ideal place is across the room, diagonally, from the door. This might not always be possible. When such is the case, look for a mirror and keep it in a place where you will be able to see the door while you are on the bed. Freestanding mirrors are the best since you can get the adjustment right.

7. Cover up Your Bedroom TV

Televisions in the bedroom are a common thing. If you have problems when it comes to getting good sleep or even if you don’t, it is best to keep the television covered when you are not using it. The TV and all of its electronic aspects have active energy that might be disruptive to the quiet and calm energy which is more conducive to bedrooms and sleep. This is why you can cover the TV up with a beautiful scarf or any other fabric.

cover up your bedroom TV

8. Clean All the Windows

A good place to start your yearly cleaning is the windows. Windows are the symbol of your eyes to the world. We all want to be able to experience and see everything the universe has to offer. Take an old newspaper, some water, and a bottle of vinegar and clean those windows! Brighten that space and open your eyes.

9. Do a Space Clearing

Our homes and the environment retain the energy that is present in the spaces. You can always take a little time and burn the old energy to welcome the new and fresh chi. You could burn some palo santo or spray natural orange essential oil with some water. Palo santo could be used every day, and orange oil is something you could use to uplift your spirits. No matter what you use, you should be able to fill the empty spaces with positive energy and your dreams for the future.

do a space cleaning

10. Balance the Five Elements

The five basic elements are earth, fire, wood, water, and metal. This can be represented in your home either symbolically or physically. For example, you could use warm colours like red or orange to bring the fire element. You could also burn a candle or use a fireplace. The idea is that all the elements are essential for our lives and an imbalance in these colours would cause an imbalance in life. Therefore, look closely at the literal and the symbolic meaning of the things around you.

Opportunities are always passing through our doors. If it likes what it sees, then it will also bring amazing energy to our doorsteps. Feng shui has always represented energies and their relationship to the world. When it’s positive and captivating, that is the kind of energy that you would want to let in and flow through your home.

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