A Guide on Family Planning Methods for Women

Family Planning Tips for Women

Being prepared for parenthood, both, physically and financially is always a good idea. Family planning is not only about preventing pregnancy, but it’s also about timing your conception to have a planned baby. Know about the various methods to prevent unwanted pregnancies and to head the family way without doubts in your mind.

What is Family Planning?

It is the planning of when to have children and the use of birth control and other techniques to implement such plans. Family planning methods allow couples to have their desired number of children and also lets women determine the spacing of her pregnancies.

How to do Family Planning

There are many methods available to achieve planned pregnancies varying from natural methods to even surgical procedures. Once you have made your decision about a method that you want to follow, talk to your doctor about it to know the details and also to know if it’s safe for you. Let’s tell you about the most common types of family planning methods:

1. Barrier Method

This method includes condoms, intrauterine devices (IUDs), diaphragms, and spermicides to deter pregnancy. A condom serves as a barrier between the sperm and uterus and is one of the most used methods for birth control. It also protects from sexually transmitted diseases and is about 97 percent effective in controlling unwanted pregnancy. IUD is a small copper device inserted into the uterus of the women. Once inside, it creates a hostile environment for sperms and does not allow them to travel up to the matured eggs, thus preventing pregnancy. It’s one of the best family planning method for women who are already mothers and do not want a second child anytime soon. Spermicides are creams that are used to stop the sperm from moving. But it’s not effective when used alone and should be used in combination with other techniques to avoid pregnancy.

Birth Control Pills

2. Birth Control Pills

The birth control pill is a type of oral contraceptive that women have to take on a daily basis. These pills keep a woman’s ovaries from releasing eggs and hence prevent fertilisation. However, only women who can pop a pill without fail everyday should opt for this method. You can quickly restore your fertility by going off the pills, once you decide to go the family way. It’s one of the safest methods that is advised for women who are looking for family planning tips.

3. Natural Ways

Try natural family planning, a method in which you have to chart your most fertile days. A woman is most fertile during ovulation and this is the time when you should refrain from intercourse to avoid a pregnancy. If you are looking for a permanent solution, sterilisation is the best and it’s a 100 percent effective method. Tubal ligation, a popular way of birth-control is a surgical procedure performed to cut off the Fallopian tubes, thus preventing the eggs to be released into the uterus for fertilisation.

Family planning is extremely important, both, for the health of a woman and her children. Having children less than two years apart can cause serious health issues for the mother. Planning your kids will be beneficial to you healthwise and it will also have a positive impact on the financial situation of the family.

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