12 Fun Family Picnic Games To Play & Enjoy

Family Picnic Games That Will Keep Your Special Day Exciting

They say a great workout builds a great appetite and if you’re planning to feast this picnic season, it’s time to have some good family picnic games lined up. Or maybe you’d just like to kick back and relax after your picnic session with your friends and family members. Sounds fun, isn’t it? If you’re looking for a way to make your picnic day exciting and have a great time with your loved ones, we’ve got you covered. Here are 12 family picnic game ideas to get you started.

Family on a Picnic

Whatever your pick, we’ve rounded up a list of new and old fashioned family picnic games that are sure to give you hours of fun. They are ideal for playing with kids and adults alike, even better in a larger group, and promise you a true challenge.

Interesting Games That You Can Play with Your Entire Family on a Picnic

A day well spent is a day filled with fun. And one of the best ways to bask in the moment and make good memories is by playing picnic games with your family. Whether you prefer a desi twist or an international spin, here are some of our favourite family picnic activities that are sure to make your day extra special-

1. The Ring Toss Game

Do you like truth and dare? Think you’ve got the guts to answer bold questions plus have a killer aim? Try the Family Ring Toss Game. Here’s how you play it.

Girls playing ring toss game

How to Play?

Divide two families into teams of ten members each. The objective is to throw the hula hoops and make sure each of them lands on their respective teammates’ pegs. Whichever team manages to finish landing all the hula hoops first get to ask questions. The losing team has to answer them truthfully, like it or not. And that’s precisely the point behind it’s fun.

2. Art Contest

What’s a fun way to let loose and get those creative juices flowing whilst enjoying your meal? Arting, that’s what.

Art Contest

How to Play?

If your family has a bunch of artists or you want to start experimenting, get a portable easel and some paint colours with brushes. Paint the scenery in front of you and give a reward to the person who made the most beautiful piece. Alternatively, you could have a chalk drawing contest where you set up a street near the picnic zone for some chalk art.

3. Three-legged Race

The three-legged race is a classic amongst family games and designed to be fun for everyone.

Three-legged Race

How to Play?

Get a couple pieces of fabric or strings and divide your family members into teams of two. Tie up the ankles of the pairs of duos together and whichever two-people group crosses the finish line first, wins. You could modify the game even further or go crazy by adding a third person instead of two or tying both the arm and the leg for each duo-group.

4. Picnic Bowling

You don’t need to go to the mall for a session of bowling. Set up your own version of picnic bowling this way.

Picnic Bowling

How to Play?

Grab seven to ten plastic water bottles and fill them up with a bit of sand, pebbles, and stones. If you plan to bowl in the dark, you can add some glow sticks into em’ too to make them stand out. Get a basketball or football and bowl it with your hands. Line up your family members in a single file and whoever gets to knock down the most water bottle skittles wins. The water bottle skittles should have a pyramid formation to them before you start, just like your bowling alley.

5. Dodgeball

If your kids are older enough, the family can play dodgeball.


How to Play?

You need to get a ball, preferably a dodgeball but a football/basketball works too. Start by forming a circle and the player in the centre starts the game. Try to hit every player one by one. Whoever gets hit has to leave the field and the game continues until there’s just one player standing.

6. Keep the Ball in the Air

The game is pretty simple. Basically, players try to keep the ball up in the air and not let it hit the ground. Here’s how you play it.

Keep the Ball in the Air

How to Play?

Get any ball and divide your family into two teams. Set a timer for one minute and toss the ball in the air, not letting it touch the ground for a whole minute. After 30 seconds pass, allow the other team to come up with their challenges. For example, the other team may try to distract yours by running around, spinning around or getting in the way of the ball. They might even say something funny or whisper in your ears to throw you off-balance. Basically, whatever works to get you distracted.

Try to overcome the challenges and keep the ball up in the air and you’ll win points. If the ball hits the ground, you get nothing and this repeats for the other team until we have a winning team that keeps the ball.

7. Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is one of the best classic group games for a family picnic that gets you moving and thinking.

Scavenger Hunt

How to Play?

Set up a list of objects to find and give each team a copy of the list. The items on the list should be a bit hard to obtain and not something you easily find in your departmental store. Split into different teams of two or three and start exploring the neighbourhood. Set a deadline for returning to the starting point and whichever team bags all the items or manages to obtain the most, wins.

8. Hide and Seek

There’s a reason why hide and seek games are crowd-favourites. Because they’re simply thrilling and one of the most popular Indian family picnic game ideas!

Hide and Seek

 How to Play?

Have someone who will seek and make him count to 100. Let all your family members quickly hide in different places. There should be a time limit for the game as you don’t want to spend the whole day searching. You could add a twist to the game with ‘Tag, You’re It’. This will tell your seeker that you’ll be catching her. Whoever gets caught has to be the next seeker while the rest get to hide again.

9. Candies and Dice

Candies and dice is a fun game that ends with a tasty treat for everyone.

Candies and Dice

How to Play?

Get three large packets of candies and a set of dice. The rule of the game is simple. Each player gets a turn to roll the dice and cast a matching number on each. If the numbers on both the dices don’t match, they put candy into their mouth and hold it between the teeth. You keep repeating this for everyone and the person with the most candies in their mouth loses. After the game, the fun part begins – and that is, eating up those delicious candies! This is also an amazing game that’s great for every age. If your kids are playing, just make sure there aren’t any choking hazards or parts.

10. The Half Empty or Half Full Glass Game

The Half Empty or Half Full Glass Game goes back to the concept of the glass being half empty or half full saying. Here’s how to play it and trust us, it’s tons of fun.

Half Empty Half Full Glass Game

How to Play?

To play this game, you will need-

  • Two large buckets
  • Water (either from a hose or from sources)
  • Teams of two
  • Blindfolds for every member

Start by partitioning your family members into two teams. The game is ideal for a group of eight but the more the merrier. The two empty buckets get placed in the centre and the team captains stand near them. Team members have to go one by one from each team, blindfolded. The blindfolded members have to carry water in a glass and fill the bucket, one glass at a time. Whichever team manages to fill their bucket first wins. Additionally, you can make the game more challenging by adding handicap rules like carrying the glass with only one hand. If kids are joining in, you don’t have to blindfold them but you can tell them to hop towards the bucket with one foot and fill the bucket up. Other ways of making the game challenging include carrying the glass with one arm only and your team members are also allowed to verbally give you directions.

11. Picnic Basket Relay

This fun game is picnic-themed and involves the whole family, as you race to set up a picnic faster than the other teams.

How to Play?

To play this game, you will need to fill up a picnic basket for each team, with items that are used for a picnic, like a blanket, plates and spoons, food, etc.

Each team gets a picnic basket, and must set up their picnic before the other teams. To do this, the players in a team stand in line. At a time, one member must remove one item from the basket and set it up, and then make way for the next player. This continues until the basket is emptied and the picnic is set up. The team who sets up their picnic first, wins.

12. Pass The Water

Another game that tests the dexterity of kids, this game is perfect to cool off when the sunlight feels too warm.

How to Play?

To play this game, you will first need to divide all the kids into teams, with each team getting a full glass of water. Each team must then stand in a line, with some distance between each member, and the first member in line must hold the glass of water. When the time starts, each team member must pass the glass of water to the next team member, and so forth, without spilling any water. The first team to successfully transfer the glass of water through the line, while spilling the least amount of water, wins.

Family games are meant to be fun, challenging, and thrilling. We’ve compiled a list that is not only thoughtful but suitable for every age. Whether you’re a couple, have kids in the house or spend a lot of time with your friends, these are some terrific ideas to make use of when you’ve got pleasant food, good mood, and some quality time to kill.

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