Exercises That Help Reduce Cholesterol from Your Body

Exercises to Reduce Cholesterol in Your Body

If you are dealing with cholesterol issues, exercising is one thing that can help you bring down your cholesterol levels to a healthy range. Regular workouts such as cycling, walking, swimming etc. can only not help in bringing down the LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels, but it can also help in increasing the HDL cholesterol levels in the body. Learn why and how exercising is good for lowering the cholesterol levels and also know about some of the best exercises that may help you in achieving the same, in this write-up.

Why Exercise Works Best at Lowering Cholesterol?

Wondering whether exercise can reduce cholesterol levels? Well, yes it can work wonders! The waxy lipid fat, which is produced by the liver, is naturally present in our body. However, some people may have this fatty substance in more than required amounts in their body, which then sticks into the arteries. After attaching to the arteries, it narrows them, thereby increases the chances of cardiovascular diseases. However, regular exercising helps in changing the nature of cholesterol. In a study, it was proven that exercising not only improves the size and number of cholesterol-carrying particles but it also helps in making them larger or fluffier and thus lesser prone to causing any blockage in the arteries.

How Much Exercise Do You Need?

According to recent research, it is important to exercise for 30 minutes a day, at least 4 to 5 days a week. However, even if you can spare 60 to 90 minutes a week for exercise, it may prove to be beneficial for your health. If you have a hectic schedule, you could break up your exercising schedule into two 15-minute workouts per day.

Best Types of Exercises to Cut Down Cholesterol Levels

Here are some exercises that may help you in cutting down your cholesterol levels:

1. Brisk Walk

Walking is undoubtedly one of the best exercises to lower cholesterol naturally. Walking is a safer option for people who cannot run, either because of extra weight or because of old age. However, make sure you walk briskly or at a faster pace to achieve the cardio effects. Recent research has proven that walking has benefits similar to running when it comes to lowering the cholesterol levels.

2. Running or Jogging

If you are not hefty, your age is not a problem and your joints are healthy, then you should opt for jogging or running as a daily form of exercise to reduce cholesterol fast. As per one of the studies, it has been observed that long-distance runners or joggers have healthier cholesterol levels than short-distance runners.

3. Go for a Swim

Swimming is a great way of keeping the extra weight under check and it also helps in maintaining a better level of cholesterol in the body. This form of aerobic exercise is also easy on the joints.

4. Lift Some Weights

Weight training is a great way of getting your cholesterol levels within the normal range. According to a study, it has been proved that people who followed resistance training got rid of LDL from their blood faster than those who did not follow any resistance training regime.

5. Cycling

Cycling is an excellent way of doing some aerobic workout. If you experience pain or soreness in your joints, you can do cycling for keeping your cholesterol under check. Cycling is a fantastic way of reducing the risk of heart ailments too.

6. Yoga

As odd as it may seem, but yoga may help you in lowering cholesterol levels. Some studies support that yoga is not only beneficial for better heart health but also helps in improving the cholesterol levels of the body. According to one of the published studies, people who practised yoga on a regular basis had better cholesterol levels than those who did not practice yoga.

7. Aerobics, Zumba or Dance

Any high-intensity workout such as Zumba, dancing or aerobics, not only help you remain in good shape, but it is a great form of exercise for lowering bad cholesterol or keeping your cholesterol levels under check.

You may opt for any form of exercising that you can easily do. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, take it slow and build up your stamina before you take up strenuous workouts. However, if you are over 60 years of age, you are obese, or you have a sedentary lifestyle, you must consult your doctor before you start doing any kind of strenuous or high-intensity workouts.

Running with Partner

How to Keep Up Exercise to Get Your Cholesterol Levels Down?

Exercising can get monotonous and boring. However, the mantra is to keep yourself pepped-up and motivated. Here are some ways of staying motivated:

1. Get a Partner

You may enjoy going for a run or jog all by yourself for some time, but after a while, it may seem so boring, and you may even want to bunk your exercising sessions. You must ask a friend or a family member to join you to keep it more fun and for staying more driven.

2. Keep It Real

Unrealistic goals are not only hard to achieve, but they may also take a toll on your health. Keep it simple and keep it real, nothing in life comes easy, and health is no exception either. Small achievable goals will keep you happy and focused.

3. Stay Flexible

Do not be rigid with your exercising schedule. This means if you are unable to go for a run, you should plan to do some yoga at home. The aim is to exercise and if, on some days, one form of exercising may not be feasible, opt for the other one.

There should be no compromises, as far as health is concerned. Therefore, if you have been detected with higher levels of cholesterol, it is an indication that you need to pull your socks up and take charge of your health. We hope this article helps you in getting some perspective on staying healthy and motivated. Stay healthy and happy!

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