Eating Dragon Fruit While Pregnant

Eating Dragon Fruit in Pregnancy

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Cravings in a pregnant woman manifest in a variety of forms. These cravings could be for desserts or even to taste specific flavours and fruits. Often stimulated by the visual appeal, the sight of many fruits and vegetables gets pregnant women attention. One such fruit is dragon fruit, in fact, the most popular fruit, which is loved for its appearance. But, to ensure the safety of their baby, many pregnant women wonder if they should eat dragon fruit during pregnancy. Will it be good for their health and that of the baby’s health and a few other concerns? Let’s find out if dragon fruit is safe and how it can affect pregnant women.

What Is Dragon Fruit?

Another name for dragon fruit, which isn’t as dangerous as the original name, is pitaya. Though this fruit is native to the regions of Southern America and Mexico, along with parts of Central America, it has found its presence in the Indian subcontinent as well. The fruit, with its scaly outer covering, can be seen in various supermarkets and can be ordered online as well. The taste is usually a combination of sweetness with some tang, and it tends to differ across its variants. To compare, kiwi seems to be the closest in terms of the inner texture of a dragon fruit along with the presence of black coloured seeds.

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Nutritional Value of Dragon Fruit

Cut open a dragon fruit, and you will have a treasure chest of nutrients that will boost your health as well as your baby’s. The presence of carbohydrates in dragon fruit proves quite beneficial in restoring the energy in a pregnant woman. Additionally, the substantial amount of calcium in it impacts the development of the bone structure of the baby. Boosting the immunity system is important too, and that is taken care of by iron, potassium and multiple other proteins present in the fruit.

Along with the usual components, the presence of folic acid in pitaya proves beneficial in developing the child’s neurology. Vitamin C, fibre, and beta-carotene are valuable to the overall health of the mother. One of the key components in this regard is lycopene, which is a unique feature of dragon fruit. It helps in combating various heart problems, hypertension, as well as reduces the chances of cancer.

Is It Safe to Eat Dragon Fruit During Pregnancy?

So, if you are still wondering if pregnant women can eat dragon fruit, the answer is a resounding yes. There are numerous benefits that you can reap from it for yourself and your child. Opting for red dragon fruits is a great way to get started and get accustomed to its taste and flavour.

How Much Dragon Fruit Can a Pregnant Woman Eat in a Day?

A pregnant woman can safely consume one dragon fruit per day. Consuming more than this quantity can increase the risk of developing gestational diabetes.  

Benefits of Dragon Fruit for Pregnant Women

The benefits of eating dragon fruit that can be utilised by pregnant women are aplenty. Dragon fruit provides a healthy dose of nutrients for pregnant women as well as gives necessary nutritive elements for the child’s growth.

Fat, Protein and carbs enriched diet

1. Rich Source of Fats

The presence of good fats in the body of a pregnant woman is integral since it not only provides energy to keep the various metabolic processes running but also works in promoting the formation of the brain in the foetus. Dragon fruit contains a good proportion of fats, most of which are monounsaturated. This makes it a phenomenal addition to your existing diet.

2. Energy Giving Carbohydrates

Along with being rich in fats, dragon fruits also have a large amount of carbohydrates present in them. This becomes a source of energy that is easily accessible and can be directly transferred to the foetus.

3. Guards Against Infections

Being infected by microbes presents a risk to the foetus since they can find their way to the baby via the placenta. Dragon fruit provides the benefit of undertaking cellular regeneration in the treatment of wounds which prevents infection and supplies anti-fungal and anti-bacterial bodies to tackle any microbes that are already present.

4. Constipation Relief

The presence of fibre in dragon fruit offers yet another benefit to the persistent problem of constipation in pregnant women. Eating dragon fruit regularly will help your digestive system bounce back to normalcy.

Constipation Relief

5. Haemoglobin Elevation

The iron in dragon fruit helps blood cells improve the capacity of carrying oxygen by boosting the levels of haemoglobin. This, consequently, also reduces the chances of anaemia in most women.

6. Assisting Bone Development

Calcium is not the only mineral required by the foetus for developing its bone structure. Phosphorous plays an essential part in it as well, and both are present in the dragon fruit in reasonable quantities. They also work towards maintaining good dental health in the mother.

7. Preventing Defects in Birth

It is critical that the child’s neural development continues without any hindrance. The vitamin B-complex group, combined with folates play a vital role in developing the nervous system as well as the child’s neural tube, making sure he is free of any disorders.

9. Preventing Pre-eclampsia

Hypertension in pregnant women increases the risks of pre-eclampsia by a considerable amount. Dragon fruit helps maintain a stable level of blood pressure as well as blood sugar, thus keeping the complications associated with pregnancy to a minimum.

Preventing Pre-eclampsia

Side-Effects of Dragon Fruits in Pregnancy

Eating dragon fruit while pregnant can have side effects too. Some of these side effects include:

  1. The fruit contains too much fibre, which can cause problems like constipation, bloating, and abdominal cramps if consumed in excess quantity.
  2. Some people have an allergic reaction to dragon fruit, causing symptoms like swelling, hives, tongue swelling, or vomiting.
  3. Eating too much of the fruit when pregnant can bring about skin rashes.
  4. If red dragon fruit is consumed in excess quantity, it can cause urine to turn pink or red, which may look alarming but is not considered a serious side effect.
  5. Over consumption of dragon fruit can also cause diarrhoea during pregnancy.

Are There Any Types of Dragon Fruits That Are Best for Pregnancy?

There are three types of dragon fruits that can be consumed when pregnant. These are:

  1. Hylocereus Undatus or the white-fleshed pitaya.
  2. Hylocereus Costarricense or the red-fleshed pitaya.
  3. Hylocereus Megalanthus or the yellow-skinned pitaya with white flesh.

How Can You Include Dragon Fruit in Your Diet?

Dragon fruit can be consumed raw just like any other fruit on a regular basis. You can extract its juice, or even use it as an addition in your salad preparations.


1. Is It Safe to Have Dragon Fruit Juice While Pregnant?

There are many concerns around pregnancy and dragon fruit. But it is totally safe to consume dragon fruit in advised quantity when pregnant. Do consult your doctor before consuming the fruit.

2. Can You Consume Dragon Fruit While Breastfeeding?

Yes, you can eat dragon fruit while breastfeeding, and it may also help to boost your milk supply.

3. Can Diabetic Pregnant Women Eat Dragon Fruit?

Due to a lack of scientific evidence, it is difficult to say if a dragon fruit is good or harmful for gestational diabetes.

The inclusion of dragon fruit in your diet during pregnancy is one of the best decisions you can take to support your health and well-being. The numerous benefits of the fruit are essential for your child’s growth, and the near absence of any risks makes it one of the safest fruits to be consumed by pregnant women, without worries.


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