Foods that Increase Libido in Women

Eat Your Way to a Steamy Sex Life

There’s nothing like a good roll in the bed with your sexy hubby. However, in your crazily busy existence, sex drive may dwindle due to hormonal changes, medication and stress. Check out some of these sex enhancing foods for women and you can say goodbye to worrying about your libido!

While love and trust are the foundations of a successful marriage, physical intimacy is what keeps things passionate. Precisely why an unexciting sex life makes you morose and sulky. Fret not; the solution lies in your kitchen! No kidding but there indeed are foods that increase female libido and work wonders for your sex life. Some of these foods, if included in your daily diet, will turn your bedroom steamier than ever before.

5 Foods that Increase Libido in Women

1. Salmon and Other Fatty Fishes

One of the best libido boosting food for women, these fishes contain omega 3 – a fatty acid which helps in improving blood circulation. This in turn enhances the flow of blood to your sexual organs and puts you in the mood. Omega 3 also hikes dopamine – the feel-good hormone responsible for making you happy and fuzzy during lovemaking.

2. Celery

Celery is quite a favourite among women because it is fibre rich and low on calories. But there’s more. Good old celery is also counted as food that increases sexual desire in women. It is rich in androsterone, adrostenal and other male hormones that can sexually arouse you! Aren’t you more in love with celery now that you know it’s secret prowess?


3. Strawberries

These delicious fruits are aphrodisiacal and one of the best foods for sex. Rich in fibre, vitamin C, folic acid, and potassium, they stop your body from retaining fluid, which is otherwise one of the key reasons for low sex drive. Now you know why peppering with strawberries is often an allusion to sex!

4. Avocado, Nuts, and Seeds

Replace your mayonnaise, cheese, and butter with avocado pulp which is not just healthy and delicious but also a libido boosting food for women. Nuts and seeds reduce vaginal dryness which causes pain during intercourse and reduces the urge for sex in women. Awesome reasons for a healthier dinner plate!

5. Eggs

Time and again, health experts have vouched for the goodness of eggs and recommended that you include them in your daily diet. If you need more reason to adore eggs, this will help you: they are a great food for good sex life! The vitamin B6 in eggs regulates the hormones in your body and increases your sexual appetite.

Pack in these 5 foods with the usual aphrodisiacs – chocolates, blueberries, watermelon and oatmeal – and you have a treasury of foods that increase female libido. You’ll end up both pleasing your body and enthralling your husband simply by munching on delicious food.

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