Tips for Adjusting to Motherhood

Ease Into Your New Mom Role With Ease

The role of a new mom calls for an entire change of lifestyle. You now have a new addition to the family and you are completely at their beck and call. It can get overwhelming, so when it does, here are a few tips to help you tackle the stress.

Nothing can prepare new moms for motherhood. The excitement of giving birth soon wanes once the reality of sleepless nights, changing diapers and getting up at odd hours for their feed hits you. No one said it was easy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to ease into your new role.

6 Workable Tips for New Mothers

1. Those Sleepless Nights Wouldn’t Last Forever

The beginning of motherhood will see you have many sleepless nights. There’ll be times when you would be longing for a wink of sleep. Just know that this phase will soon pass once your baby settles into a routine, and you’ll eventually return to normalcy. Till then try to catch a nap when the baby is napping. Even if you don’t fall asleep, the rest will replenish you.

2. Try Till You Get it Right

When it comes to feeding your baby, putting them to sleep or pacifying them, not everyone gets it right from the word go. You might need to experiment a little and try out different techniques to see what works best. Once you’ve got it figured out, you will slowly embrace your role of a new mom.

3. Let Your Baby Dictate Her Needs

It’s never a good idea to force a schedule on a newborn. Not all babies want to be fed every two or three hours. When they are hungry, they will let you know. So let them tell you when they want to be fed.

Let your baby dictate her needs:

4. Go With Your Gut Instinct

Mothers, grandmothers, friends and other members of a family all have valuable advice to impart to new mothers. At the end of the day, it’s just you and your baby and no one knows him or her better than you do. So listen to your own maternal instincts.

5. Seek Out Some Alone Time

If you don’t take out any alone time for yourself, you could soon lose your head. Alone time is very important for new mothers to re-energise and regroup. Between feeds, changing diapers, and putting them down to sleep, try and find some time to catch up on your reading or take a quick refreshing bath. After a hard day’s work of you could do with some pampering yourself.

6. Let Hubby Help out

It’s as much his first time being a father as it is for you becoming a mother. If your husband wants to help out with feeds and baths and changing diapers, let him. Just because he doesn’t get it right in the first few tries doesn’t mean he’s not capable. You’ll soon find that sharing responsibilities works way better.

Becoming a mother for the first time doesn’t require a certain skill set. It requires patience and time to allow yourself to fit into the new role. If you fail, take a breather and start all over again. Once you learn to maintain your calm within the storm, the new role will gradually become easier.

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