Is It Safe to Drink Kombucha While Pregnant?

Drinking Kombucha During Pregnancy – Is It Safe?

These days there seems to be a variety of health foods out on the market. Many types of foods that have been used by people for centuries for good health are now coming to light and becoming quite the trend. Kombucha is one such thing.

What Is Kombucha?

Kombucha is simply tea that has been fermented, and that is filled with health benefits since it contains probiotics and antioxidants. It is made by bringing together sugar, tea and a culture of bacteria and yeast that is known as ‘Mother’, and this is what makes Kombucha so healthy.

Can You Drink Kombucha While Pregnant?

Kombucha contains a small amount of alcohol in it, making it risky to consume during pregnancy. However, experts believe that if you have been in the habit of consuming Kombucha regularly before pregnancy, it is most likely okay for you to continue to have it in small quantities during pregnancy. If you have never been in the habit of consuming Kombucha, you should avoid it at this time and begin once you are done breastfeeding.

Benefits of Drinking Kombucha While Pregnant

Here are some benefits of Kombucha tea during pregnancy:

1. Promotes Digestion and Heals Gastric Ulcers

Kombucha has been known to form a layer of protection that works against gastric ulcers of all kinds. It also helps with digestion and improves constipation.

2. Supports the Nervous System

As Kombucha contains ascorbic acids, amino acids and Vitamin B, it provides a lot of support to the nervous system and prevents headaches, migraines, epileptic fits, and depression.

3. Helps With Kidney Stones

When you consume Kombucha, it eradicates any formation of kidney stones and calcification.

4. Better Immunity

With the high Vitamin C content, Kombucha is capable of boosting the immunity levels; the antioxidants can help mother and child fight against inflammatory ailments, tumours and cell damage.

better immunity

5. Energy Boost

 When you drink Kombucha while pregnant, the haemoglobin count and levels of oxygen improve. This is because the iron molecules are freed during the process of making Kombucha. When your haemoglobin count is good, you have less risk of developing anaemia.

6. Provides Antioxidants

In Kombucha, the level of antioxidant activity is better than what is derived from Vitamin C and E, making it able to prevent any kind of health ailment that results from oxidative stress. The reason is that it contains Vitamins C and E, beta-carotene and other carotenoids.

7. Prevents Hypertension

Kombucha is able to regulate blood pressure and prevent hypertension and dizziness that can happen during pregnancy.

8. Detoxifies the Body

The glucuronic acid in Kombucha behaves like a detoxifier as it can help turn all the toxins in the body into soluble compounds that can be excreted from the body.

Does Kombucha Consumption Have Any Side Effects on Pregnant Ladies?

Here are some side effects that Kombucha can have on women during pregnancy:

1. Contains Alcohol

Kombucha contains trace amounts of alcohol that come up to 0.5%, though this may vary according to the brand. Homemade Kombucha may sometimes have a higher alcohol content. While the content of alcohol in Kombucha is very low, drinking too much of it can endanger your baby, and it is best not to take any risks.

2. Contains Caffeine

When you are pregnant, the body takes a much longer time to process any caffeine that you may have. Kombucha is made with tea, which contains caffeine and that is also present in the finished product. Being a stimulant, caffeine can cross over into the placenta and the baby’s blood.

3. Unpasteurized

Pasteurization is done to kill any bacteria considered harmful. Pure Kombucha is unpasteurized and so it carries the risk of containing harmful bacteria that can carry pathogens like listeria which is responsible for causing miscarriages.


4. Bacterial Contamination

The very same environment that needs to be created to breed probiotics is also the same in which harmful bacteria thrive. If the Kombucha is not prepared under sanitary conditions, it can become contaminated.

5. Danger of Detox

While the detoxing properties of Kombucha are quite gentle and mimic the body’s way of detoxing, it is best to avoid Kombucha during early pregnancy as it can treat the still young fetus as a foreign body and try to remove it from the body.

How to Consume Kombucha in Pregnancy?

Here is the right dosage of Kombucha to take during pregnancy:

  • A couple of ounces at a time is the best way to consume Kombucha during pregnancy.
  • Mix a little Kombucha with water to dilute it and give you extra hydration with the health benefits.
  • Starting with 4 ounces at a time is best.

Precautionary Tips

Here are some precautionary tips on drinking Kombucha during pregnancy:

  • If you are drinking Kombucha for the first time, it is best to be aware that you may develop allergic reactions.
  • Since there is a lot more research to be done on Kombucha, those in the medical field will always advise against drinking it during pregnancy..

Whether Kombucha is good for you during pregnancy or not is highly controversial, and women find themselves divided on it. Some women avoid it, while others drink it throughout their pregnancies with no problems, and others develop a natural aversion to the drink while pregnant. If you are still unsure about Kombucha, the best thing for you to do would be to consult with your doctor on whether or not it will be good for you personally.

There are many other ways of getting the required nutrients and keeping yourself healthy during pregnancy rather than relying on Kombucha, so if you can, avoid it. This is especially true in the case of Kombucha during the first trimester since there is a danger from the detoxifying properties accidentally trying to remove the fetus from your body since it is small enough to be confused with a foreign body.

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