Appropriate Potty Training Clothes for Toddlers

Dressing Up Your Child For Toilet Training

Your little one has grown up and is time for him to be independent. Step one to your tot’s freedom is potty training! You have bought that comfortable potty seat for him and read all books about how to train him efficiently. Now, before you get him to practice, there is one crucial detail that most parents tend to overlook – their clothes!

A toddler should be dressed up comfortably when he is being potty trained. Ensure that the clothes you use for him for his potty training sessions are easy to get in and out of. Putting together his toilet training wardrobe includes some considerations.

7 Tips On Clothes For Potty Training Your Child

1.Clothes meant for outdoors are not practical for potty training. They are very fussy to take off and put on after. Bottom wear with zip, buttons, laces and drawstrings, can cause delay in taking your child to the potty right on time and accidental wetting can happen causing unwanted trouble for the both of you.

2.Children should be made to wear clothes which can be instantly taken off, dropped to the ankles and kicked off immediately. When a child is wearing heavy clothes, he may not feel like taking the clothes off and may control the urge to pee or poop. Controlling urination can cause kidney problems, and if he fails to control it, he may wet his clothes.

Children should be made to wear clothes which can be instantly taken of

3. As the child feels more confident and comfortable in wearing underwear, add additional practice time until your child is wearing them all day.

4. Bottoms with stretchy waist bands should be selected as they are very easy to remove by the child as well.

5. Little girls should be made to wear skirts and frocks, so that it is easier for them if she wants to pee or poop suddenly.

6. Potty training should be done in warm weather as less clothing is worn in hot weather. In cold weather conditions, kids have multiple layers of clothing, which makes it difficult to remove them suddenly. Also, the cold weather would make it difficult for them to sit without clothing for a long time.

7. Accidents can happen anywhere and anytime, so the parents should be prepared and not create a fuss if the child makes a mess.

For children who are in diapers full time, cute toddler clothes work just fine, but when it is time to potty-train them, comfortable and suitable clothes are a better choice. So, the next time you hit a shopping store for your kid, you know what to pick.

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