Pregnancy Dreams: Reasons & Truth About Dreaming of Having A Baby

Dreaming About Being Pregnant – Reasons & Truth

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Dreams guide us into a world of amusing images that reflect our aspirations, realities of life and past experiences. However, dreaming about being pregnant is a very ‘unusual’ feeling as it disturbs people sometimes. Waking up to a dream of being pregnant can leave you wondering for the entire day as to how and why such a dream occurred in the first place.

Pregnancy Dreams and What They Mean

Pregnancy dreams most likely occur due to subconscious thinking about motherhood and the good things associated with it. Many women who come across pregnant women or regularly interact with them tend to register pregnancy in their subconscious mind. Also, if there is an intention of getting pregnant, then the mind conspires to create pregnancy dreams. Some pregnant women very often have dreams about giving birth as they think about the delivery and the post-partum period regularly.

Beyond this, many pregnancy dreams that both men and women get can indicate underlying emotions such as stress, desire for change, feeling of loneliness, expression of creativity, etc. If the dreams repeat often, it is better to consult a dream analyst to understand the emotion behind it.

Am I Really Pregnant?

People often tell their friends ‘I had a dream I was pregnant’, even when they are not pregnant. This is because pregnancy dreams are just an instinctive reflection of the things surrounding them, it usually does not have a connection to the physical changes in the body. However, people waiting for a pregnancy test report and dream about being pregnant have often gotten a positive pregnancy report. The mental frame of mind sometimes matches the reality, subconsciously.

6 Reasons You Are Dreaming About Pregnancy

Dreams are multi-layered and below are some of the reasons behind why people dream about having a baby.

1. A Feeling of Neglect:

Since women who get pregnant are revered and respected in most of the cultures around the world, people who suffer from neglect or loneliness satisfy their emotional needs by dreaming about being pregnant. Many societies set motherhood as a yardstick for respect and social acceptance. People who have constantly faced neglect owing to issues such as emotional abandonment by the family tend to imagine themselves as being pregnant. This is because they assume it will fetch them acceptance. Dreams arise as a reflection of this thought in their minds.

2. Metaphorically Indicating Change:

Creation of a new life is the beauty of pregnancy. It is no mean feat to make a baby and dreaming about having a baby symbolises a change or a new beginning in life which you may be expecting or experiencing.

3. Reflection of Stress:

Pregnancy dreams could indicate a state of stress or anxiety. When a person is overloaded with work, he or she dreams of having a baby. This is a way of projecting the fear of the mind on taking additional responsibilities, as raising a baby is perceived as a stressful job.

3. Reflection of Stress:

4. You Want to Embrace Motherhood:

Women who have been planning to have a baby often take it to heart and throw themselves into the idea of starting a family. Subconsciously, the thought of succeeding in it gives them dreams of being pregnant. When the physical and the mental changes happen in the sink, the dreams are considered as an auspicious sign.

5. Unchased Dreams:

Motherhood is synonymous to nurture and care. A dream of being pregnant can symbolise that there is a dream or idea that is not pursued, just like the foetus in the womb that needs attention and care. People who have a passion that they have buried in them due to the pressure of pursuing something socially acceptable, get such pregnancy dreams.

6. Sign of Prosperity:

Creation of something new is a sign of fertility and prosperity. Pregnancy dreams can symbolise the start of a good future or a way out of an already existing problem.

If you’re trying to understand what dreaming about being pregnant means to you, spend some time to introspect and analyze your current situation. Meditating is sure to help you find some answers too!

How Can You Avoid or Induce Dreams About Pregnancy

Avoiding a dream by not thinking about it is bound to shift the focus of the mind on it. The best way to avoid a pregnancy dream is first to analyze the reason behind having it repeatedly. If you are getting the dream of having a baby because you want to become a parent, then reassuring yourself with positive thoughts will help. Shifting the focus to what you have already created and taken care of can keep the mind away from those dreams.

How Can You Avoid or Induce Dreams About Pregnancy

If you want to induce a pregnancy dream then you must imagine, feel and enjoy the changes that pregnancy would bring to your body. Sub-consciously thinking about becoming a mother can reflect in having a pregnancy-related dream.

Cultural Symbolism of Being Pregnant in a Dream

Many cultures perceive dreams about pregnancy as a positive sign. It is seen as a symbol of growth, change and prosperity. Some cultures even believe it as an indication of getting pregnant in real life. It gives a woman immense happiness to wake up from a dream of pregnancy, as she feels fertile and blessed. This feeling is exactly reflected in the cultural symbolism also.

The Truth About Pregnancy Dreams

Often a dream about having a baby but not being pregnant is only reflective of the underlying mindset of the person. A simple analysis based on the dreamer’s circumstances can tell whether it is a negative or a positive indicator. However, in many cases, a pregnancy dream is a sign of something good and fertile.

Interpretation of dreams is an interesting subject, but it has no scientific backing. So go ahead and enjoy your dreams without taking the interpretations too seriously.

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