Salary Negotiation Skills and Strategies

Don’t Settle for Less! Tips to Earn the Salary you Deserve

Getting the salary you deserve not just calls for excellent testimonials and credentials. It also includes mastering the art of wage negotiation tactics. If you know your worth, don’t let anything stop you from demanding what you feel is the right amount.

Women often feel they aren’t in a position to negotiate their salary in comparison to men. As a result, they lose out on the big bucks and content themselves with what they get. It’s time someone told them to stand up and bargain like a pro. We hope these tips help you the next time you find yourself amidst salary negotiation.

Salary Negotiation Tips and Tricks

1. Haste Makes Waste

In your bid to leave your present job and get something better, are you ready to settle for anything less? When employers sense your desperation for a job, they are bound to work it to their advantage. Remember, if what they are offering you doesn’t meet your expectations don’t settle for it and let them know your expectations. That’s letting your probable employer know you do have your salary negotiation skills and strategies in place.

2. Do Your Research

Never go into an interview unsure of what the standard pay scale is and the asking percentage of a salary hike. Find out what other professionals in your field are getting. If possible do some research on the company offering you the job and their yearly turnover. If you’re able to review the pay scales that exist within the company, all the better.

3. Know Your Worth

It’s imperative to go in for an interview knowing what you are worth. If you have confidence in yourself, it will place you in a more powerful position to negotiate. Don’t, however, go overboard and be too demanding. Be realistic about the sense of value you bring to the table. Let your potential employer know that while you’re open to negotiation, you’re not entirely willing to give in to their demands. Stand your ground and let him meet you halfway.

4. Don’t Try to Sway Them with Another Offer

As a rule, never bring up another offer if the salary discussion isn’t going your way. Remember, first impression is the last impression. Playing another offer against the present one might make you look crude and unprofessional. So, just stick to the offer at hand and let your womanly instinct kick in. If it doesn’t seem fair don’t go for it. Thank them for the offer but politely turn it down.

5. Take Time to Consider

If the offer is lower than your quote, but you know that you’ll benefit from the experience don’t say yes to it immediately. Ask for some time to consider the offer. Even if the offer is quite satisfactory, do the same. It shows that you’re willing to consider all angles before committing yourself. On the other hand, it could work to your advantage resulting in a higher offer.

The bottom line is employees are motivated by money and employers want to secure the best professionals. Knowing what you want is the key to successful negotiation and these salary negotiation tips for moms will ensure that the employer is not the only one with a bargaining power and heavier pockets.

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