Don't Forget To Do These Things For Yourself While Nursing

Don’t Forget To Do These Things For Yourself While Nursing

Breastfeeding mothers are among the most careful of people. They have friends and family to recommend them good care for the baby. They are wary about applying anything topically or eating something that trigger an allergic reaction. Every now and then, they check on their moppet to ensure he is just fine. But mom, are you sure your caution extends to yourself too? Are you taking care of your nursing body properly?

To make sure you don’t forget yourself in the rush of things to do, we have created a to-do list. Every item here needs your time and attention while you are breastfeeding. And yes, this is as important as making sure your baby is growing normally!

1. Consume a Nutritious and Wholesome Diet

Throughout your pregnancy, you were told to eat fresh, nutritious food as there was a little baby growing inside you. After the delivery, your responsibility toward healthy eating does not stop! For now is when your baby will turn to you for breastfeeding – something that may continue for several months to come. To regain your strength and ensure that your bundle of joy also grows by leaps and bounds, your diet must be balanced. While there’s no stopping you from consuming a certain food group, make sure you get sufficient proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, fats and dietary fibre, aside from plenty of water.

2. Keep Your Breast Skin Clean, Healthy and Fresh

Your breasts are going to be your baby’s favourite thing about you for quite some time! For his feeding pleasure as well as for your comfort and hygiene, make sure you wash your breasts well while showering. If your breast skin is sweaty, salty or smells weird, your little picky eater may be turned off. Worse, in your nursing days, your breast area is warm and sugary and this puts you at risk for bacterial growth and infection! Just remember to be gentle and not use any harsh, chemical-based products. After showering, rehydrate your body with a herbal body butter by Himalaya FOR MOMS. It has the healing powers of aromatherapy which work wonders for the skin.

3. Get Back to Exercise – Slowly but Steadily

Exercise during nursing? Before you get alarmed, check this out: exercise releases serotonin, a mood-boosting chemical, into your body which lifts your spirits and energizes you. Now isn’t that how you need to feel during the difficult, early postpartum period? Doctors advise that a few months after birth, you should slowly get back to exercise. This helps the body start toning itself to its pre-pregnancy status. Of course we don’t recommend weightlifting or strenuous running as you’ll still be way too exhausted for that. But walking, gardening, etc. are good both for your body and soul. An important tip: breastfeed before exercising to empty your breasts and feel more comfortable.

4. Devote Extra Attention to Your Nipples

Can you imagine how difficult it would be to feed your infant if your nipples were sore or cracked? Sometimes, improper latching, the wrong positioning and dryness of skin can lead to soreness of nipples. This is not only uncomfortable but can be severe enough to make feeding and pumping quite painful. The solution is simple – extra nipple care. Himalaya FOR MOMS has created a nipple care butter using potent herbs and the principles of Ayurveda. This means you can apply it topically without exposing yourself or your baby to any harmful chemicals.

5. Take Time Out for a Gentle Massage

The very prospect of a massage makes you instantly happier, right? Pregnant women are often advised to massage their abdominal area to prevent the formation of stretch marks. In the postpartum stage too, a massage has multiple benefits. It has been proven to improve blood circulation, trigger lactation, speed up healing, and also make you feel emotionally reassured. What’s more, you have earned yourself a massage, Mom! The only thing to be careful about is the massage oil you use. You cannot risk a product that’s harsh on the skin. Try Himalaya FOR MOMS’ toning massage oil and warm it a little before application.

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