Is Corn Flakes Really Helpful for Weight loss?

Do Corn Flakes Help in Weight Loss – The Answer Will Surprise You

Cornflakes were an accidental discovery by two brothers, Will and John Kellogg. Breakfast is the most important meal, and also the first meal of the day for your body. Cereals are one of the best choices for a healthy breakfast. Many advertisements list out the benefits of cornflakes for weight loss, but when you have a goal of losing weight, you should avoid cereals that are packed with sugar and unnecessary fat.

A wrong choice in selecting a cereal for your breakfast can throw you off the track to reach your weight-loss goals. Read on to find out if cornflakes are good for weight loss.

Are Corn Flakes Really Good for Weight Loss?

Cornflakes are a popular choice of breakfast for most of us because they are easily available, convenient to prepare and eat, and also filling. Since they are easily digested and light on the stomach, most people eat it daily for breakfast. However, a glance at the nutritional profile of the humble cornflakes would tell you that cornflakes are not a healthy option for your breakfast. The flakes have a low-fat content, but the sugar and corn syrup added to the flakes make it an unhealthy choice. Cornflakes are laden with malt, fructose corn syrup and sugar, which make them very high in refined sugars.

Corn syrup used in cornflakes has been found to have high levels of fructose in them. This indicates that they have a high Glycemic Index value as well, which makes them unsuitable for daily consumption. Breakfast with high sugar content may result in making the body resistant to insulin, resulting in diabetes. The insulin levels in the body rise with an increase in the blood sugar levels, thereby, resulting in cells to store fat in them. This leads to weight gain.

How to Lose Weight on a Diet of Cornflakes

Knowing that cornflakes are very high on sugar, let us look at how to use corn flakes for weight loss. The key to staying healthy and losing weight is by increasing your fibre intake. Fibre keeps you satiated for a longer time, reducing the urge to snack in between meals. Many people have been eating cornflakes with milk for weight loss, without knowing that this may lead to weight gain on the contrary.

If you love your bowl of cornflakes every day, then reduce the number of flakes in it and add more fruits and nuts. Do not add extra sugar to your bowl of cornflakes and try to substitute your regular milk with skimmed milk. You can also explore the alternative milk options that are widely available in the market. They aid in controlling your weight gain. You can also mix your cornflakes with other whole-grain cereals in a 50:50 ratio to make a healthy bowl that will keep you full until lunchtime.

Though cornflakes are a simple and convenient breakfast option that suits our busy lifestyle, they are not healthy. Next time you pick that packet of cornflakes from the store, remember to read about the dietary contents that are mentioned on the package. You can buy low-fat cornflakes that are available in the market. Make a healthy choice and stay healthy and fit.

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